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Meetings and congresses in Lombardy: the findings of recent statistics on Italy and the world of congress are clear: Italy is one of the favourite destinations in the world for events, incentive travel, conferences, seminars, congresses and meetings. The International Congress and Convention Association says Italy grew by 1.4% in 2018 compared to 2017. Our Italy is at the top: we are the 6th country in the world in terms of the number of congressional events organized. If we simply look at the European states, we are ranked 5th.

Meetings and congresses Lombardy, our pluses embody the latest trends in the sector.

What are the latest trends in the congressional world? The aim is to experiential business tourism, good food, well-being and eco-sustainability. The Parco San Marco Resort embodies these trends with attentive and innovative services.

Lombardy remains Italy's most important region in terms of congressional tourism. The events are an important area for the region, making it very culturally vibrant.

We are pleased to announce that our internal data is in line with national studies and provide excellent feedback also in the meeting industry sector. The Parco San Marco Resort hosts many events, including those organised by companies, multinationals and foreign event planners. Why are we often chosen as the venue for meetings and conferences in Lombardy? We are confident that the continuous study of congressional market trends and our commitment to meet the new needs of the meeting industry is the correct answer.

Meetings and congresses Lombardy and our commitment to experiential tourism.

For Parco San Marco, experiential tourism is the basis of the success of every event. It is in our DNA to really bring the environment around us to life. To share the traditions of the place, not just by talking about them, but by making them come alive. At the meetings and conferences in Lombardy, organised in our efficient meeting rooms, we combine the view of a wonderful Italian natural heritage known and appreciated all over the world. It helps a lot that we’re located directly on Lake Lugano just a few minutes from Lake Como, famous worldwide for its beauty, art and vivacity. But how to really get a proper feel of the territory during meetings and conferences in Lombardy? Sports activities such as boat tours, competitive sailing challenges, bike tours, climbing, diving experiences that can be combined with the many events we host in Lombardy. These are the activities that we combine with meetings and conferences.

Meetings and congresses Lombardy, a word to haute cuisine.

Our restaurants are able to deliver a real culinary experience. You can take advantage of the award-winning gourmet restaurant where the excellent cuisine goes hand in hand with the service curated in every single detail. Our chefs have studied essential and creative recipes at the same time. We can work together with you to agree the menu for your event by scouring the tasty proposals of our à la Carte menu or creating an ad hoc menu. The selection of wines is without comparison. We guarantee a personalised service at the event: the mise en place, the decorations, the provisions of the tables are studied and organised with our Head of Events. In good weather, you can enjoy haute cuisine while enjoying our lovely outdoor spaces.

A combination of wellness with meetings and conferences organised in our Resort.

Combining services for your event to help participants relax is certainly a major factor. Organising spaces for the relaxation of the participants of the event, conference, congress, meetings and workshops, has a very important value and is increasingly recognised by meeting planners. Managers, speakers, listeners, trainers are expected to perform very well. Attention is high during every convention and event. Congresses often represent the end of months, sometimes years, of work. At events organised by Parco San Marco, we always suggest scheduling a few hours dedicated to wellness. The Spa can agree, together with the Event Manager, the correct distribution of relaxation needs. The practice of infusing conferences with moments dedicated to wellness ensures a greater effectiveness of the work planned during the conference. It was a pleasure to share with all of you the news of the congressional sector, our commitment continues in this complex sector. We are waiting for you in the meeting rooms of the San Marco!

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