Parco San Marco
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Lugano's most famous park is located south-east of the city centre, skirts the lake, and includes the mouth of the Cassarate River.

This park was created at the end of the 19th century by the Ciani brothers and then became municipal property in the early 20th century. It is the city's green lung (it covers an area of 63,000 square metres) and is the place where Luganese and tourists come to relax, strolling through its lawns and English-style gardens embellished with fountains and statues. Within this park there is also the famous 'lake gate', probably the most Instagrammed place in the city, a wrought-iron gate surrounded by flowers that sits right on the water.


The tranquillity of this place, with the thousand colours of the flowers and the shimmering reflection of the sun in the lake will leave you breathless. There is no better place than Ciani Park to enjoy a close-up view of Lugano. As you stroll through the park, stop and sit on one of the red benches to admire the wonderful view of Monte Bré, Monte San Salvatore and Campione d'Italia. Parco Ciano offers entertainment around the clock: even at night you can enjoy a spectacular view of Lugano. Seeing the city lights reflected in the lake, you cannot help but be enraptured by this magical panorama.


In the park, you will come across Villa Ciani, a beautiful peach-coloured building now used to host exhibitions and shows. The Palazzo dei Congressi and the Cantonal Library also stand in the park. The Ciani Park is ideal for a short getaway from everyday life for tourists and locals alike or as a meeting point to spend some peaceful hours in good company. With its swirling paths, many green spaces and various facilities for entertaining children, this park is perfect for people of all ages.


The Ciani Park is part of the Gardens of Switzerland network, which brings together the most beautiful gardens in the Swiss Confederation, and whether in summer or winter, this park will always amaze you with its beauty.

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