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Food is never an afterthought at Parco San Marco. With a total of three bars and six restaurants, ranging from casual beachside dining to rustic Italian plates to one-of-a-kind gastro-creations at our fine dining "La Musa" restaurant, diversity is key to our culinary philosophy.
Our impressive wine cellar – stocked with more than 3,000 bottles – ensures the perfect accompaniment wherever you dine.

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Cooking Class
Cooking Class with the Executive Chef of the Parco San Marco Resort

Would you like to learn to cook like a real executive chef at a resort which has received multiple awards from major review sites? Then waste no more time. Our chef is ready to reveal some of the secrets that make his dishes delicious and special.
Classic Italian cuisine is expertly blended with his joy of experimentation. The flavours of Sardinia, his homeland, mix with Lombardy recipes and local produce to create a marriage between the mountains and the sea that will simply amaze you.
During your holiday at Parco San Marco, allow yourself to be guided by his passion for good, rich, tasty and refined food by booking your private cookery class in a unique setting.

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At the heart of the healthy cuisine of Parco San Marco there´s a meticulous research for organic, local and fresh seasonal products of the best qualitay.
In particular, fruits, vegetables and dairy products are sourced, when possible, among local farms. Even our aromatic herbs are gathered for us in the valleys of Lake Lugano.

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