Parco San Marco
Hotels & Beach Resort

Environmental Impact
At Parco San Marco, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through energy-efficient practices, renewable energy sources, and sustainable waste management. Our Clorofil and Green Globe certifications highlight our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Social Responsibility
We actively engage with the local community, support fair labor practices, and ensure a safe, inclusive environment for our guests and employees. Our initiatives include community outreach programs and partnerships with local suppliers.

We adhere to high standards of transparency and ethical business practices. Our governance framework includes regular audits, stakeholder engagement, and a commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability performance.

Guest Involvement
We invite our guests to join our sustainability journey through eco-friendly activities, educational programs, and options to offset their carbon footprint during their stay.

Environmental Conservation and Protection

We are committed to protecting the flora, fauna, and delicate ecosystems found near our resort. Through conservation and environmental protection measures, we strive to maintain a harmonious balance between our activity and the surrounding environment.

We believe that education and awareness are essential for promoting responsible behaviour towards the environment. Therefore, we are committed to actively informing and involving our staff, guests, and the local community about the importance of environmental sustainability and the actions they can take to contribute to the safeguarding of our planet.

Eco-friendly Gastronomic Delights

Our guests can enjoy the flavors of sustainability in our restaurants, where we combine farm-to-table practices, local sourcing, and eco-conscious gastronomic approaches:

  • Supporting local producers through meticulous ingredient sourcing, promoting meaningful relationships, and contributing to the well-being of the community.
  • Embracing the farm-to-table movement with our gardens for zero-mile freshness.
Innovations for Conscious Stays

We have bid farewell to harmful materials and embraced eco-friendly alternatives and structures for a guilt-free stay:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations for modern and environmentally friendly travel options.
  • Takeaway containers made of biodegradable materials or cardboard, paper bags, 100% sustainable glass or aluminum bottles, and paper straws.
  • Preference for recycled paper and digital menus (where possible) to reduce paper waste.
Other Green Team Initiatives
  • Monitoring paper usage to reduce it.
  • No use of plastic in all outlets.
  • Reviewing the current configuration of recyclable trash bins in the hotel.
  • Free personal bicycle for each employee for commuting during working hours and leisure time.
  • Acquisition of land where we grow our chemical-free wheat. With the wheat, we produce our pasta served daily to our guests.
  • Use of 100% natural Lapitec material and solar panels to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • The BeeHome and insect hotel: in collaboration with "Wildbiene + Partner IG" under the patronage of WWF, we host a bee house and a real insect hotel to preserve biodiversity and the ecosystem.
  • Integration of low-energy consumption technologies, such as solar panels and LED lighting, to reduce carbon footprint.
Green Globe

By choosing Green Globe standards, we have chosen to participate in a globally recognized certification program. Green Globe is awarded to companies in the tourism and events sectors that adopt a business approach aimed at responsible and efficient use of resources. Certified by Green Globe for the first time in 2023, Parco San Marco Hotels & Beach Resort achieved an inaugural compliance score of 98%. This remarkable result reflects a wide range of sustainable practices deeply rooted in daily operations and a team that carefully balances its successful business with care for its pristine alpine location.


The Leading Hotels of the World

The Leading Hotels of the World also offers a program that provides guidance to member hotels wishing to obtain sustainability certification, as well as a marketing platform showcasing member hotels committed to preserving not only the environment but also the values and cultural heritage of their regions. In 2023, thanks to Green Globe certification, ARIA Retreat & SPA received the “Sustainability Leader” badge and was included in their marketing platform.


The Clorofil tool, an environmental sustainability calculator, operates on three principles: measuring, reducing, and contributing to offset carbon emissions. Clorofil allows an overall assessment, highlighting both direct and indirect impacts generated by a facility across five macro-categories: energy, purchases, waste, hospitality and restaurant-related performance, and mobility.

We have received the Clorofil measurements for last year's activities. We are now able to set our goals for this season, specifically addressing each macro-category.

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