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Fitness holiday in Italy – our hotel is perfect for a 360-degree wellness plan. From the SPA to wellness treatments, yoga and, last but not least, healthy cooking. It is precisely about “health at the table” that we want to talk to you today. To get back in shape we must include nutrition in our plan, even on vacation. Let's talk about healthy cooking. Nutrition must be an integral part of a holiday oriented towards fitness. Today we explain how to keep cholesterol and triglycerides at bay even while on vacation.

Which foods to choose on a fitness holiday in Italy

During a fitness holiday in Italy, it’s good to opt for plant-based foods. This is because foods of animal origin and carbohydrates "flood" our liver with saturated fatty acids. Favouring foods of a vegetable origin for most of the meal, and making room for seconds of lean fish can be the winning formula for a healthy menu. Italian cuisine is actually perfect for a fitness holiday as there are many delicious recipes for vegetable soups, legumes and main courses all made with lean and healthy cooking. Remember that vegetables are also important for their ability to absorb the cholesterol produced by the liver. Vegetables have the power to control blood glucose and inhibit the production of insulin, thus increasing cholesterol. Many scholars remind us that the glycemic peak generally occurs before three o'clock in the morning, so a light dinner is essential in every form of fitness. There is ample room for foods that contain Omega-3. Omega-3s reduce triglycerides and promote the so-called good cholesterol.

Any more tips for your healthy vacation? Let's ask the chefs!

Always use raw extra virgin olive oil for seasoning and opt for seasonal fruit and vegetables. During your fitness holiday choose steamed, boiled or grilled food, eliminating frying.

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