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A vegetarian cooking course and a stay by Lake Lugano, a dream come true! It's up to you to choose whether or not to fulfill this dream. For a long time you have been thinking of becoming better at vegetarian cooking, of organizing dinners for friends. Here is your chance served up on a silver platter! The page dedicated to the cooking classes reveals the vegetarian dishes that you will learn to cook.

Our vegetarian cooking class is a practical one - you will learn by getting your hands on the dough and cooking this fun style of nutrition for yourself. And, to top it all, we must absolutely share with you the basics of this food philosophy. 

Is it possible to follow a vegetarian diet? Yes, and not simply by limiting your nutrition to only dairy products and carbohydrates

Like any food philosophy, even the vegetarian diet requires some precautions. The presence of many/too many carbohydrates is often contested. It is essential for those who regularly follow a vegetarian diet to give plenty of space to vegetables. Vegetables must be the main course of every meal. It would be harmful to base vegetarian meals solely on dairy products, eggs and carbohydrates. It’s good to eat both raw and cooked vegetables with each meal and our chef will often point this out during our vegetarian cooking class. Generous portions of vegetables help to keep blood glucose values and insulin secretion under control. Legumes and cereals must be an integral part of the vegetarian diet. Cereals in grains such as spelt, barley and rice must be privileged items of refined carbohydrates. We also welcome pasta - preferably for lunch and of wholemeal quality. Eggs, tofu and low-fat (if possible) cheeses complete the diet. As with any diet, it is essential to reduce sugar intake. Salt is another ingredient to be minimised in order to give way to aromatic herbs and spices. To complete each meal option is, undoubtedly, water. Cook and taste the dishes you prepared during this vegetarian cooking class. You will be amazed at how good you have become thanks to the skills of our Master Chefs and your own resolve. You will finally be able to prepare your own table filled with delicious recipes which will entice even those who are not vegetarian. Without exception, we are sure, you will receive plenty of compliments!

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