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I often hear that the Parco San Marco resort is a paradise for children. Without a shadow of a doubt, I feel I need to confirm this statement starting with the various clubs dedicated to them - from the mini-club to the Club Bim Bam Bino and finally the teen club.

But Parco San Marco is much more than that: the swimming pools with slides, various playgrounds, the new tennis court, the basketball court and the five-a-side football pitch.

And what about picking-up carrots at the Club Bim Bam Bino and then taking them to feed the donkeys?

The list of all the great activities you can find continues. I find the "L´azzurro" centre to be a great opportunity to try scuba diving, water skiing or pedalling on a pedal boat...and much more.

There are still a lot of things to do at Parco San Marco, but I want to focus a moment on a trip outside of the resort.

Who wouldn’t want to visit a real gold mine?

Well, yes. Not far away there is indeed this possibility.

The Gold Mine

After the winter break, the Sessa Gold Mine reopens.

The Leonilde tunnel and the other side tunnels of the Sessa Gold Mine await new visitors. The La Costa mine in Sessa is part of the wider "Malcantone Mining District", considered a geosite of national interest due to its historical and mining importance. In particular, the high number of mines and the extreme variety of metal ores extracted from the rock are recognized, which in 1800 made Malcantone one of the few, if not the largest, mining region in Switzerland of all time.

A new piece has been added to the discoveries that the mine reserves for the most intrepid of explorers: after months of attempts, at a depth of 54 metres (that no one had reached for years) some tunnels at level -4 were emptied.


THE TEMPERATURE IN THE CUNICOLO IS COSTANTLY 11-12°C WITH A 100% MOISTURE, so you need heavy sports clothes even in summer, trekking boots are also highly recommended.

BY FOOT is the best solution.
The mine can be reached from Sessa or Astano through the numerous existing paths.

It is necessary to follow the signs.

If you go  BY CAR, the small car park in the hamlet of LA COSTA is mainly reserved for residents.

An alternative solution is being studied.

The pictures not only show where the mine is located, but also all the paths that can be covered in the area of Sessa.

So you have decided to visit the gold mine?

You will need to book the visit. Here is how to do it:

Would you like to come visit the mine? Book directly from the couch!

Groups, school classes, groups of more than 10 people can book separately using the form provided by clicking here.

Families must book tickets for adults and children (6-15 years old) separately by choosing, first, the booking date (left column) and then "ADULT FAMILY Ticket" and "FAMILY GROUP Ticket".

Children under 6 years of age do not pay, but they must be indicated on the ADULT FAMILY ticket by first indicating the number of adults and then the number of children.

If booking is not possible, it means that the expected number of visitors has already been safely reached.

After having spent a nice day in the gold mine, it´s time to go back to Parco San Marco where you can spend some pleasant moments in the SPA and then continue with a delicate dinner in the Masseria, finishing with a drink at the Sky lounge.

That’s the life!

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