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Hotel with gluten-free restaurant in Lombardy, to be recognized by the acronym AIC.


Do you find yourself selecting, with meticulous attention and a little anxiety - hotels and restaurants with gluten-free options?

If you suffer from celiac disease, you need reliable and clear information from the restaurant. Those with gluten intolerance need assistance from a scrupulous team aware of the meaning of celiac disease. Families with one or more people affected by celiac disease need a guaranteed gluten-free menu.

Lombardy is rich in hotels and resorts. Now attention to gluten-free requirements is spreading, but unfortunately sometimes it is only a matter of “fashion”.  
Fortunately, there are many restaurateurs who have taken the problem of celiac disease seriously and professionally. Information on gluten is increasing.

Today we can count on the high professionalism of specialized personnel. Our team knows how to cook for those with celiac disease. It is important that they know the best gluten-free ingredients, their combinations, to study recipes that have taste, softness, texture without containing gluten.  

It is essential to avoid any contamination, it is imperative to adapt the kitchen so as to avoid any gluten contamination. Here in our hotel, professionalism and passion for taste come together creating delicious gluten free recipes

This is done with the security provided by AIC Italian Celiac Association accreditation.


Our gluten-free restaurant in Lombardy is accredited by the Italian Association of Celiac Disease (AIC).

The Italian Celiac Association promotes studies, events, initiatives, projects to protect people with celiac disease. Celiac disease must be lived with the utmost serenity, especially on vacation. For us, serenity means guaranteeing tasty recipes to those who suffer from celiac disease, subject to rigorous control. We avoid any possible gluten contamination.

With our gluten free recipes we are active in this process of raising awareness about gluten-related issues. By offering gluten-free options our resort is an active witness to the growing awareness of gluten.

Today, the preference for a gluten-free diet is not just about people with celiac disease. Many medical studies highlight the difficulty our body has in metabolizing gluten. Wheat, spelt, barley, kamut, rye and many other commonly used ingredients contain gluten, therefore the kitchen requires total attention to gluten.

Gluten is also often used in doughs, sauces and many other industrial preparations to make them creamy or elastic. The excessive use of gluten by producers of ready-to-eat and semi-ready food has led many people to encounter inflammations and other irritations while not being celiac. In our restaurants, you will find very high quality ingredients that are not used to deceive the palate. In addition, those who cannot eat gluten are certain of being in a restaurant that follows the AIC handbook.

Our offerings for celiacs are so delicious that they are often appreciated even by people who are not celiac, but want to contain their gluten intake.

Our hotel with our gluten-free restaurant welcomes all gourmands.  
Please indicate your food intolerances and preferences at the time of booking.

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