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Do you want to get married in the middle of nature? If you and your future spouse would love to exchange your vows immersed in the beauty of a natural park, amongst soaring trees and with a view of a stunning lake, then this post is for you.  

Ours is a location designed for those who love nature, without losing sight of comfort and elegance. Imagine a wedding with: 

  • A marvelous park with its own view of Lake Lugano
  • The possibility to hold an outside party with a view of the lake
  • The choice of an indoor room, also with its own view of the lake
  • A team who’s sole motivation is to make sure that your wedding in nature is perfect
  • An outdoor swimming pool perfect for any setting
  • Decors to choose from together: important fabrics, flowers, lights

 These are the basic ingredients to celebrate your wedding in nature. In this post we will not dwell on the internal plus points of our hotel, but we focus on the territory around us. In fact, your guests will have the opportunity to have a real holiday.

Here are the five attractions to choose from to include in your wedding experience and to give your guests a fantastic trip.

Our hotel offers glimpses of extraordinary scenic beauty. Your choice to get married in the middle of nature is perfect. It’s possible to host the private ceremony with an aperitif in the open air ... followed by a reception in the rooms of our restaurant. This extraordinary beauty can be combined with photographs, trips and excursions to the wonderful places that our lake has to offer:

1.   The Rescia Caves are located on the eastern side of Lake Lugano.

This series of seven caves has been a destination for tourist from all over Europe since 1700. Over the ages, water has dug a sequence of holes in the travertine, depositing spectacular concretions which now present an extraordinary and unmissable landscape of natural work in the province of Como.

2.   La Sighignola is one of the 5 reasons why you should choose our location if you love a wedding surrounded by nature.

Nestled in the Lugano foothills at a height of over 1300 meters, from here you can enjoy a spectacular view. So much so that the common symbol of the area, Lanzo d'Intelvi, is nicknamed the Balcony of Italy.

3.   The erratic rock Sasso Paradiso, Marzio.

It can be reached on foot from Porto Ceresio, a lovely village to visit. Another wonderful viewpoint of the lake. 

4.   Remember that your wedding immersed in nature is located near Bellagio.

Bellagio is an enchanting destination where you and your guests can spend wonderful moments. Chosen by nobles for their holidays, it remains one of the most luxurious destinations of our peninsula.

5.   Lake Como and its villas.

It’s not only Bellagio. From our resort you can discover Varenna, the Comacina island and the wonderful villas all around Lake Como.

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