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Romantic getaway in Lombardy? Would you like to organize a real breakaway holiday for two?  

You can leave all the stress of everyday life at home and enjoy magical moments just for the two of you.
Are you tired of the same restaurant every day, bored by the crowded and noisy beats of the city? As for going to the cinema, for a walk in the park? Don’t think about the road to get there, the chaos of the city, the problem of parking. No, these are not always the right answers, this is certainly not the vacation you need now.

The time has come to organize a true romantic getaway in Lombardy.

What do you think of a trip for two to Lake Lugano, for example? Northern Italy is rich with lakes, with some really exceptional ones that you can easily reach from Milan.

Of course you could go by car and start wandering in search of hidden corners, but if you want to make the most of your romantic getaway in Lombardy these tips will be very useful.

Lake Lugano still offers natural landscapes. Although visited by many travelers, it has not allowed tourism to be too intrusive and has left its landscapes intact. These places are perfect for a romantic getaway for two in Lombardy. This enchanting stretch of water borders both Italian shores and Swiss mountains. The combination of the Italian passion for good food, renowned throughout the world, and the precision, and care for every detail that characterizes Switzerland, magically meet in this place. This is the ideal region for a romantic getaway in Lombardy on the shores of Lake Lugano. This particular area offers the beauty of the lake, of the city of Lugano and is located among other important lakes such as Lake Como.

A romantic getaway in Lombardy with fun in mind!

Lake Lugano is also the place where   your romantic getaway in Lombardy goes hand in hand with entertaining distractions. This stretch of water offers many opportunities for outdoor sports activities, or to go strolling through pretty villages, for enjoying stunning views, and sampling the flavour of delicious dishes.

One of the most popular destinations on Lake Lugano is certainly Porlezza. The pretty village of Porlezza is located on the eastern shore of Lake Lugano.

Porlezza   welcomes you with its streets overlooking the lake, narrow alleys where you can buy typical products and enjoy a good ice cream. Porlezza is also the ideal starting point for more discoveries; perfect for many excursions, for walks on mountain paths, but also boat trips, adventurous sailing, and romantic bicycle rides along the lake.

In addition to Porlezza and Lake Lugano, you can take advantage of this holiday to also see Lake Como. Thus, you have the opportunity to stay in a resort directly on Lake Lugano (one of the most authentic lakes) and visit one of the most-mentioned lakes in the world.

On our blog you will find numerous travel ideas for your romantic getaway in Lombardy starting from our hotel and towards Lake Como.

If you want to combine all this with one impeccable suite,  a gourmet food and wine experience where the best ingredients give rise to amazing recipes, a swimming pool with breathtaking views, and an exceptional SPA all you have to do is book now!

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