Parco San Marco
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This is a pleasant walk that takes approximately 45 minutes, quite easy and accessible to everyone, also ideal for those who practise Nordic Walking.
Loveno is a little village more or less a kilometer above Menaggio, to reach it, you have to take the road that from Menaggio goes towards Pleasio and, once you are in Loveno, follow the sign that you will find on the left that directs you towards the “Centro sportivo” (Sport cntre), continue following this road untill you get to a church, take the road on the left after the church and drive for approximately 300 metres, untill you will find yourself in “Piamuro”, here you can park your car. In case you have no car, you can get a bus from Menaggio that goes towards Plesio and get off in Loveno at the bus stop “Palo”, from here it will take you more or less 15 – 20 minutes to reach “Piamuro” from where the walk starts.

In “Piamuro” walk along the unpaved straight path that you see in front of you untill it goes downhill. Soon you will reach the Sanagra river, you will see a bridge that crosses it, but do not go over the bridge, continue walking along the right bank untill you arrive to the Agriturismo & Restaurant “La vecchia chideria”, you might as well decide to start the walk from Loveno just before lunch time as to stop at the “Vecchia chioderia” for a good meal and afterwords continue the walk. The specialities that this restaurant offers are tipical local dishes such as polenta, good selections of local cheese, fresh trouts and much more. The restaurant owns a Trout farm that is just behind it, here you can be sure that the trouts are more then fresh.
From the restaurant “La Vecchia chioderia” take the path that goes along the river untill you reach another bridge, go over the bridge and this time walk along the left shore of the river.

If you are doing this walk in summer, along the river you will find 2 or 3 spots where there are puddles you can bath in, it’s a very refreshing experience that will leave you full of energy, but do not do it straight ufter lunch! In the river bed there is also plenty of natural clay, great for detoxifying the body, so, if the season allows it, why not to spread some on your body giving it a gentle scrub, let it dry on your skin and then jump in a puddle to remove it, it will leave your skin soft and purified and you will feel incredibly regenerated by the cool dip. You can go on walking, untill you reach “Sass Curbé”, a big rock in the middle of the river, from here you can decide to go back the way you came or go on walking up hill towards Barna, a little cute village part of Pleasio council.

Enjoy the impressions for body, mind and soul.
We hope you enjoy this trip tip.

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