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Location for winter weddings near Lugano, why choose to celebrate your wedding day during the winter? A winter wedding is something unexpected and magical in itself.

Have fun giving your wedding a winter theme. The enchantment is assured. Sparkling candles, warm lights that decorate the rooms, the scents of spices such as cinnamon and a warm mulled wine, chocolate festively dressed...

It’s important that the location for winter weddings has the ideal spaces to create the right atmosphere

A winter wedding needs elegant and cleverly furnished rooms to create that magical feeling that winter weddings bring with them.  Thanks to the collaboration of our Event Manager, florist and invitation printer, your wedding will stand out from classic summer weddings.

Winter weddings are rarer, which is why they are always welcome. Your winter wedding near Lugano is an occasion of celebration for everyone. Your wedding day will be the event of the winter, in a season where there are fewer social events.

Autumn and winter are the symbolic seasons of the family, when the home plays the leading role. Isn't this an extraordinary moment to celebrate the birth of a new family? In our opinion, yes: autumn and winter are perfect seasons for a spectacular wedding.

Celebrate your winter wedding near Lugano - have you also thought about these advantages?

If you avoid the purely Christmas festivities, it will be difficult for your guests to be engaged in other ceremonies. They will be thrilled to have such an important occasion of celebration. It will be a wonderful opportunity for you and your guests to get together in the midst of the overcrowded routine in which winter often transports us.

Winter wedding venues have many more dates available and are more inclined to negotiate on price. If your guests have to travel to our wonderful lake Lugano, even the air fares will be discounted, this is another advantage that your guests will notice.

The honeymoon that follows your winter wedding near Lugano will most likely reach warm destinations. It will be a real treat for you to have "two summers" in the same year.

Parco San Marco Resort boasts wonderful rooms for your winter wedding near Lugano

If from May to September we give the go-ahead to the outdoor halls, from October to January you can take advantage of the prestigious indoor reception rooms. The spaces inside enjoy dizzying views. The rooms dedicated to your winter wedding offer an intimate and fairy-tale atmosphere.

Our team dedicated to the organization of winter weddings gives its best to ensure that your special day is a hugely successful event. All you have to do is to tell us about your wedding in detail and we will take care of your wishes.

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