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We are sure that after having lived the most important day of your life with us, you will add many other reasons to celebrate your wedding at Parco San Marco, in Porlezza, right on the magical shores of Lake Lugano. Read why these places could be the perfect location for your ‘I do’.

1 Get married on Lake Lugano, in one of the most romantic countries in the world.

Italy is considered one of the most romantic countries in the world. It owes it to the postcard scenery and the mellow atmosphere that has always echoed in every corner of the Bel Paese. Thanks to art, paintings by great masters, sculptures, green paths and lakes nestled between mountains and hills, Italy, and in particular our region, is the ideal place for a wedding.

2 Get married directly on the shores of Lake Lugano, the perfect backdrop for your wedding

Our Resort, placed on the shores of Lake Lugano, just a few kilometers from Lake Como, offers a sublime backdrop for the most important day of your history as a couple. The day of your wedding will be set in an exceptional setting that we invite you to discover in our photogallery. You and your guests will find yourselves in a fairy tale: in the extraordinary garden of our Resort located on the shores of Lake Lugano with a swimming pool and private beach. The natural landscape of Lake Lugano will make the ‘Yes’ of your life simply unique.

3 The delicious Italian cuisine, expertly interpreted in our Resort.

Renowned all over the world, Italian cuisine crowns the day of the most important ‘Yes’ of your life. Many surveys place Italian cuisine at the forefront of the whole world’s cuisines. The great variety of recipes, its ability to enhance the flavours of each ingredient, as well as the quality of the raw materials, have made it famous. Your wedding will be a feast of flavours. You will all be delighted by our classic and innovative recipes.

4 Get married on Lake Lugano to say "Long live the bride and groom!" with excellent wines.

Even wines are an integral part of a successful wedding. They deserve all the attention of the bride and groom. Wine flatters all the senses. The colour, the scent, the taste of our wines are another good reason to choose to get married on Lake Lugano. Millions of people visit our region just to taste the wine. Place your trust in our selection, which ranges from renowned labels to excellent wines from small producers.

5 Get married on the shores of Lake Lugano for its mild climate.

There are few places where you can find an ideal climate on your wedding day. Here on the beautiful shores of Lake Lugano in the Lake Como region the temperature is mild. In winter it almost never goes below zero and in summer it is rarely too hot.

6 The style of a wedding in the Bel Paese.

Italian style is praised throughout the world. The simplicity, the elegance, the love for the fabrics which is reflected in the table linen, the refinement of the settings, the decor studied to the finest detail and the attention brought to the internal and external spaces. Together we will find the Italian idea that best fits the style you want.

7 You are already in the most coveted of wedding destinations! Have a dip in the waters of Lake Lugano.

Getting married on the shores of Lake Lugano means already being in one of the most desirable destinations for honeymooners. You are on Lake Lugano, between two enchanting nations for your honeymoon: Italy and Switzerland. You will be able to discover the beauty of the Italian side starting from Lake Como as well as the wonders offered to newlyweds by the Ticino region of Switzerland.

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