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Pre-wedding reception - there are those who cannot do without it! 

Although it is only a custom in some parts of Italy, nothing prevents us from making it one of ours too. It could be useful in the event of guests who cannot come to the wedding, of a wedding that takes place away from home or where there are many people who, due to the length of required travel, have to arrive a few days before. Many families have a tradition of organizing refreshments before the wedding. It’s an event that is organized for relatives and friends so they can greet the bride and groom before the big day. It was customary to hold the pre-wedding reception at the home of the spouses’ parents, where the spouses themselves would prepare for their wedding. Today, many choose to organize this reception in restaurants. If the idea of a pre-wedding reception on the day of the wedding can be too stressful, it may be nice to change the traditions and anticipate the pre-wedding reception a few days before the event. This allows you to have much less stress on the wedding day itself, to relax and prepare exclusively for the big event.

Pre-wedding reception with a dinner or buffet?

The pre-wedding reception is a nice way to ease the tension of the days preceding the all-important “YES”. The pre-wedding reception is also an setting in which to spend time with those guests who, for various reasons, will not be able to be with you on the wedding day. So, how to organize the pre-wedding reception? In our opinion it must be a party, nothing formal. You can choose between seated dinner or buffet refreshments. The important thing is that it is cheerful, relaxed and casual. Finger food, mini pastries, light cocktails or a light dinner sitting at the table are perfect – nothing too elaborate. A well-thought-out menu will certainly not have to compete with what you have chosen for your wedding.

How to set up a refreshment before the wedding.

There is no precise rule and it does not have to be in line with the wedding reception. On the contrary, it would almost ruin the surprise of discovering the decorations on the big day. It must be a carefree party. Depending on your style you can choose whether you want something elegant or more sporty, this will also depend on the time you have chosen for the refreshment. It will inevitably be more casual in the afternoon and more elegant in the evening when the lights of the dining rooms create a magical atmosphere.

If you need new ideas for your pre-wedding reception you just have to contact us!

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