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On about 650 m² you will find everything your heart desires. Our wellness oasis offers a well-tempered swimming pool (which is round and has a diameter of about 10 m) with Jacuzzi and children's pool as well as a sauna area with Brine-Light relaxing room.

In the sauna area it is not allowed to use any kind of bathing suit or clothing. It is mandatory the use of the towel.

Children at spa
Swimming Pool

The swimming pool features 19 massage jets - ideal for muscle relaxation or a wonderful hot water massage. After an energetic workout, or on days with cooler weather, our indoor pool is a welcome diversion.

Children’s Swimming Pool


This swimming pool is especially designed for a youngster’s first attempts at swimming, or just for enjoying the warm water with Mum and Dad.



For pure relaxation, try our large whirlpool (Jacuzzi). Heat and steam open up your pores for the whirling water to cleanse your skin. The overall effect is one of increased wellbeing - your breathing slows down, your circulation gets stimulated, tense spots are relaxed by the pulsating water, and persistent aches melt away.


Around 60°C with 40% humidity.

Natural and therapeutic elements create a synergy in this well-being area. The warmth, the steam and beguiling pure perfume essences blend with meditative music and monochromatic light to stimulate your respiratory tract and immune system. The play of the coloured light has a positive effect on the whole body. Blue light is indicated for sleep disorder and has a calmative effect on the nervous system, anxiety and stress; green light has a soothing effect and enhances relaxation; yellow light has an appetizing effect and stimulates the liver function; red light stimulates heart, lungs and muscles. The recommended length per session is 20-30 minutes with a maximum frequency of two to three times. At the end of each session a lukewarm shower is advisable.

Finnish Sauna

Around 85˚C, 3% humidity

The use of steam rooms dates back to a time thousands of years ago – the Ancient Greeks and Romans were well-versed in the therapeutic effects of raising the temperature high enough so as to cause sweating. Nowadays, we all know the sauna, a practice with Finnish origins, in which people sweat in a wooden cabin with high temperature and low humidity. Alternating between 15-minute sessions in the sauna’s heat and a cold water plunge means an excellent cleansing effect, stimulating the immune system and rejuvenating the skin.

Steam Bath

Around 45˚C, 100% humidity 

Compared to a traditional sauna, the steam bath is cooler and has a higher humidity. The steam bath encourages relaxation and stimulates blood flow to the skin.

The Ice Well

For the ultimate refreshment experience, we prepare ice shavings for you to rub into your heated skin. A wonderfully tingling sensation is created, as well as a revitalising effect for the skin and a great boost to the immune system.

Brine Light Room

Our Brine Light Room provides a concentrated saltwater environment, right here in the SPA.  Inhalation of the concentrated saltwater steam, combined with subtle lighting effects, is believed to be beneficial to the health.  A curtain of concentrated saltwater cascades down the walls, creating a fascinating and relaxing show of colours and light. 

Hydro-Massage Showers

Between sauna sessions, two hydro-massage showers provide refreshment for your body with options such as tropical rain, thundershowers, or spray/mist.

Relaxation and Rest Area

Lie back and unwind on a comfortable lounger under our romantic, starred ’sky’.

Fitness Room

The hotel’s fitness room is open from 07.30 am until 09.00 pm and has a large panorama window. Open to all guests.  Unsupervised.  

Kneipp Bath

Improve your circulation - alternate between walking through hot and cold water on pebbles made from real Carrara marble.  A healthy way to relax and to stimulate bloodflow.


Beauty treatments

The journey to a relaxing state of well-being leads you directly into the expert hands of our masseur and masseuse. Enjoy, for example, a good body peeling or face treatment and immediately feel the long lasting, positive effects. 


Our world of massages

The art of massage is an ancient way of taking care of the body that has many benefits: it relaxes and regenerates our organism, it balances the nervous system, it stimulates oxygenation and flow of liquids in the body, it relaxes the muscles and gives a sensation of peace and well-being. Our massage-team is composed of both male and female professionals.


Buoni Relax

Discover them all

Where water and air meet


Relax in our adults-only SPA CEò oasis of well-being.

Access to the SPA CEò is included for guests staying at ARIA Retreat & SPA. For guests of Parco San Marco and Dependence del Parco the entrance fee is Euro 45.00 per person for 4 hours. However, the entrance fee is waived with the booking of a treatment, in this case the use of the SPA must take place directly before or after the treatment.
For our external guests who are not staying at the resort, you can check out our brochure, which includes entrance fees and a list of treatments.

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