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The exclusive spa in the most panoramic area of the retreat

Do you feel the urge to escape and set sail for new shores? At our wellness hotel, you will enjoy unforgettable days of complete, unimpeded freedom in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places of power in the world. The mountains, the lake, the thick forest, the lush Mediterranean vegetation – these are the foundations for a rewarding holiday in harmony with nature. A holiday where you can dive down to discover the depths of the lake and your soul before climbing up to the peaks of happiness. Here, where sky and earth, water and air merge together, you will discover well-being in its natural form.
The beauty of this area was weaving its enthralling magic as far back as the Lepontine Celts. They settled in Val Menaggio to the north-west of Lake Como, not far from our hotel, where they lived with a profound connection to nature. You will also feel this magical bond, the divine power of nature, when you retreat from the world at ARIA Retreat & SPA. Our hotel offers you a comprehensive wellness programme focusing on the three elements water, air and earth. Discover the unique feeling of absolute weightlessness in the adults-only SPA area of our wellness hotel. The history of the Celts and their philosophy of life inspired us to develop an exclusive SPA concept for our retreat, which is the only one of its kind between Como and Lugano. The Celts also gave us inspiration for the name of our SPA area, CEò, whose light-flooded architecture invites in the surrounding park and merges with nature to form a single entity. Over an area of 1,500m2, you will experience countless soul-freeing moments. Moments that will bring you back to earth. Moments that will let your soul take flight. Close your eyes, fall back into the embrace of our wellness hotel near Lugano with panoramic sauna, and discover new realms of well-being during one of the many treatments for her, for him, and for couples.

Treatment hours from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
The SPA is also open to external guests - ARIA Retreat & SPA is a non-smoking Retreat

Peace and

Our exclusive adults-only SPA is a gem of peace and tranquillity where you can enjoy renewed vitality. Simply surrender to relaxation and discover our treasures:
5 individual cabins
1 Panorama Private SPA with sauna / sanarium and saltwater whirlpool on the private terrace
1 Finnish sauna with spectacular panoramic view of Lake Lugano and the Alps directly from the sauna cabin

1 Bio hay sauna with spectacular panoramic view of Lake Lugano and the Alps directly from the sauna cabin
1 Turkish bath
1 Snowflake cold cabin
1 sport indoor pool (20m)
1 infinity saltwater pool
1 infrared oasis
1 foot bath with foot reflexology

The exclusive adults-only SPA

No people had such deep bonds with nature as the Celts. For them, nature was a unique place of power, a source of inspiration – just like our adults-friendly wellness hotel. The Celts were also our source of inspiration for the name of our SPA: CEò, a Celtic word meaning mist. It enfolds us, giving us new vitality, as it embodies the combined power of the elements: the lightness of air, the likeness of smoke rising from the fire, the moisture of water. The Celts attributed magical powers to the mist, which enshrouds you like a veil, hiding you from sight. Let yourself be enveloped in indescribable joy at our wellness hotel with SPA escape.

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Heaven sent
Exclusive treatments just for her

Time seems to stand still. All that matters is here and now, you and your needs. Trained hands gently glide over your back and relieve even the deepest tension with targeted movements. After your massage, immerse yourself in a soothing hay bath. Can you smell the local herbs and feel their healing effects? Our hotel is an exclusive SPA escape, so you can once again be one with yourself and nature. Inspired by the power of nature, we have created a wide range of treatments especially for women, restoring a sense of harmony to body, mind, and soul. Find your personal elixir of well-being!

Discover the treatments
Gentle treatments for strong men
Special treatments drawing on the powers of water, air, and earth
Discover the treatments
Just you and I, the lake and the sky
Exclusive treatments to share joy with your loved one

Your gaze soars over the lake to take in the mountains on the horizon. In your soft bathrobes, snuggled close together on the loggia of your exclusive suite, you marvel at this masterwork of natural beauty, which simply couldn’t be more beautiful. Which brings you back to earth. Which lets your soul and your love take flight. Love is the most powerful force there is. A force that can be strengthened with regular breaks, where only one thing matters: you and I. Celebrate the love of your life and treat yourselves to one of our special couples’ treatments, with options ranging from our Hammam Ritual to our Inner Balance Chakra Treatment. A little timeout that will imbue your love with new life.

Dive in and discover new vitality in our private SPA
Our panoramic-SPA Suite,
a font of well-being

At our wellness hotel, ARIA Retreat & SPA, you can forget the hectic pace of the world around you and enjoy unique tranquillity both under water and on dry land. Can you feel the power of the pure saltwater in our infinity pool? It gently cradles your body, giving you renewed energy and reviving the spirit, while you simply drift in the unique saltwater bath. The breathtaking natural backdrop, where lake, mountains, and sky merge into one, is reflected in the crystal-clear waters of the pool. Stroke by stroke, you can swim your cares away and discover new realms of weightlessness.
Let yourself be enveloped in a wave of joy at our hotel and enjoy enlightening moments in our exclusive panoramic SPA suite. With a saltwater sky whirlpool, sauna/sanarium, and waterbed, pure luxury in an undisturbed, private atmosphere awaits you in our private SPA. Our staff will pamper you with your choice of soothing treatment or fine culinary delicacies prepared by our culinary team.

Exclusive use of the panoramic SPA suite:

  • 2 persons for 2 hours: 290 euros
  • Per additional hour: 90 euros

ARIA Retreat & SPA is a non-smoking Retreat.

Do you have any questions, or would you like to make special arrangements? Our SPA team will be delighted to assist you.

Make an appointment or go straight to order a gift voucher.

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Escape from
everyday life

Your thoughts set sail for new horizons while you drift in delightfully warm water and let your gaze wander over the enchanting mountain and lake scenery. Crystal-clear air floods your lungs during your day SPA near Lugano. Take a deep breath. Pause for a moment. Breathe out. Leave everyday life behind you and simply breathe. Enjoy these unique moments where your soul feels free. A day SPA works miracles. As soon as you set foot in our hotel, the unique peace and tranquillity of this enchanting hideaway will start working its magic. A place where you can be one with yourself, nature, and the four elements, bringing you back to earth while simultaneously letting your soul take flight. Let yourself be enveloped in this extraordinary atmosphere, spread your wings, and soar away from daily life during your day SPA.

ARIA Retreat & SPA is a non-smoking Retreat.


DAY SPA FOR OUR EXTERNAL GUESTS (by reservation only - limited places)

  • DAY-SPA (Monday to Friday)
    4 hours: 65 euros
    8 hours: 95 euros
  • DAY-SPA (Saturday, Sunday and holidays) 
    4 hours: 95 euros
    8 hours: 130 euros
  • LADIES DAY includes a 50-minute treatment: 200 euros
  • GENTLEMANS DAY includes a 50-minute treatment: 200 euros

10 entries 4-hour Day-SPA (only working days): 580 euros
10 entries 8-hour Day-SPA (only working days): 850 euros

Make an appointment or go straight to order a gift voucher.

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The power of nature
Our premium
cosmetics products

The fine texture feels simply divine, leaving you with silky-soft skin. The active ingredients penetrate deeply, releasing their full potential. A pot pourri of the finest fragrances beguiles your senses and carries you into new realms of well-being. You feel a sense of deep relaxation. Like you’ve been reborn. In our wellness hotel, we only use selected cosmetics and wellness products from leading manufacturers.


Biologique Recherche – Nature meets high-tech

All the substances used come from organic cultivation: highly concentrated plant extracts, biomarines and biotechnology and do not contain any synthetic fragrances.
Thanks to the latest technology, nature's treasures are transformed into an extraordinary cosmetic line that restores your skin's natural balance. You will immediately feel the quality on your skin, giving surprising results.

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“Mens sana in corpore sano”

A healthy mind in a healthy body: why not take advantage of this and work out even when you’re on holiday?
In addition to various outdoor activities offered by the hotel, ARIA Retreat & SPA has a gym with the right tools to recharge your batteries and stay in shape during your stay.

For example, the fitness area has Technogym sports equipment as well as other fitness kit for your daily exercises:

• Treadmills
• Barbells
• Fitness & powerlifting bench
• Dumbbells for free weights
• Kettlebell
• Swedish wall bars
• Kinesis
• Exercise bike
• Wellness ball (fitness ball)
• Balance dom
• Slam ball
• Medicine ball
• Loop bands
• Foam roller
• Elastic band

On request, you can also take yoga lessons with a fully certified teacher.
Towels and water bottles will be provided.

Fun for all the family
at the Family SPA San Marco

Family SPA San Marco

Fun for all the family at the Family SPA San Marco.

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