Parco San Marco
Hotels & Beach Resort

Spending the holidays at the Parco San Marco resort is like fulfilling a dream: a touch of relaxation, a touch of vibrancy, a touch of fun and much more.

From La Veranda restaurants to La Masseria grill restaurant, our pizzeria directly on the beach and the upscale and exclusive La Musa restaurant.

There are also plenty of activities for children. From the little ones to the teenagers, the CBBB with its staff is always ready to entertain you.

At Parco San Marco not only are there are many activities, but there are also countless options nearby to make your holiday unforgettable.

Like the Family Festival in Lugano for example.

June-July 2019 - Palace of Congress

The LongLake Festival offers children and their families a different way to spend their summer free time with a diverse offering of entertainment in the world of fantasy and imagination.

The festival offers amusements of various kinds: fairy tale readings, children's theatres, cinemas, clown shows, exhibitions, and many workshops during which children and young people can learn while having fun.

Here are some examples of work shops, shows and entertainment moments.

  • Wednesday 03.07 at 17:00 (Park Ciani)

Botanical Collage - The Secret Garden. The (extra)ordinary adventures

A creative adventure is being born... We explore the fragrant and colorful nature of the Ciani Park: we observe it, smell it, touch it and listen to it and then tell it in pictures!

  • Wednesday 03.07 at 20:30 (Park Ciani)

Nest - Actor's Theatre Show

A pair of birds that move in sync, like those who know each other well and understand each other on the fly. A harmony that generates an egg. Perfect. Beautiful. Fragile. The most precious thing.

  • Thursday 04.07 at 17:00 (Park Ciani)

Sports game - Motricity

The basic driver with Rugbytots is fun and games with the oval ball. Children quickly learn simple and complex motor schemes, socialise and get used to following the instructions of a teacher.

  • Thursday 04.07 at 20:30 (Park Ciani)

A thousand times there was... a storyteller! - Narration

Once upon a time, there was a poor devil who had tried all the trades and had not succeeded in any. One day he came up with the idea of going around telling fairy tales to the children. So he set out on a journey and, at the first city he came to, he began to shout through the streets: "Fairy tales, children, fairy tales! Who wants to hear fairy tales?" The children rushed from all over, and they sat around him. He began ...".

  • Friday 05.07 at 17:00 (Park Ciani)

Explore AMOILPARCO Together: Plant Weaving - LandART Lab

Trees, children and desires meet in this weaving workshop with plants and flowers to create fairy-tale decorations. A LandART workshop where you can experiment and play with nature, creativity and dexterity.

  • Friday 05.07 at 20:00 (Park Ciani)

Botanical Path "Aerial Roots" - Traveling Circus Show

The botanical path "Aerial Roots" was born to enhance the historical parks and villas with a magical interweaving of botany, contemporary circus, poetry and music. Exhibits of circus disciplines and music will accompany you in this hour when butterflies also speak.

  • Saturday 06.07 at 17:00 (Park Ciani)

Elixir. Dolceamara Magic - Musical Theatre for early childhood

The "first little opera" for children, which works with a concept that is faithful to the original work, from which are drawn recurring arias to invite children to listen.

  • Saturday 06.07 at 18:00 - 20:00 (Park Ciani)

Stradolarium: Fantastic Urban Myths Album - Creative Lab

An art project on creating new urban legends for the city of Lugano! For two hours you will find in the park an invention game station, where you can create your own legendary character and write his own story.. Give your city new legends!

  • Saturday 06.07 at 20:30 (Park Ciani)

Save the planet - Animation

Dance show, in a metaphorical way, which involves interaction with the audience.

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