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It's time to give a boost of energy to 40th birthday parties because, you know, 40 is the new 30! 

Numerous ideas are flashing through your head for organising a surprise 40th birthday party in the extraordinary beauty of Lake Lugano and you don't know which is the best? Don't worry, we have the best selection of ideas from which you can take inspiration:

1. We can emphatically tell all our regular guests to book a restaurant room with us without delay. It’s the ideal choice for a surprise 40th birthday party!

If you visit us often with your friends, mother or boyfriend, what can we say? You already know us and love the inventiveness of our chef and the friendliness of the staff. You just have to test us for a bigger party, maybe in a restaurant room just for you.

2. Surprise 40th birthday party with a view on Lake Lugano.

If you are organising a surprise 40th birthday party with only a few close friends or relatives, you can give the birthday boy or girl a stay in a suite. The view will be the perfect companion for a wonderful two days. Breakfast is a real meal with sweet and savory dishes, for lovers of cheeses, cold cuts, breads, cakes or simply fruit and vegetables.

3. Organise a party, including an aperitif, buffet or gourmet pizza.

If you like the idea of an informal and relaxed surprise 40th birthday party, a buffet could be the perfect solution. But this time it is not the usual boring buffet with monotonous flavors and neglected dishes. Trust us to deliver a buffet for you to the highest level.

4. “At 40 I want to learn to cook!”

If this is a phrase that you have heard more often from the birthday boy or girl, you just have to book our cooking lessons with the chef. At the end of the cookery lessons you can sample the dishes that you’ve prepared. There are many different types of courses, from home-made pasta to deserts, from vegetarian to classic sauces. Discoer our cookery courses here.

5. Bring the birthday girl or boy into the SPA with their eyes closed.

Sauna, steam room, emotional showers, thermal pool, water jets... isn't that what we dream of every day? Imagine if a 40th surprise starts just like that. Discover all the secrets of one of the best spas in Lombardy.

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