Parco San Marco
Hotels & Beach Resort
Corporate dinners on Lake Lugano to toast to corporate success or the approaching Christmas. Our location has wonderful rooms, with lake views, to celebrate corporate events on Lake Lugano.

Our Events Team can organize modular rooms for a small number of people or for a large number of participants. There are many possible arrangements. If you prefer, you can arrange a company dinner in one of the six restaurants with a different style.

Corporate dinners on Lake Lugano with a mouth-watering accent

Parco San Marco has six restaurants. All that remains is to connect the style of your brand with the restaurant that best represents it in order to organize a perfect corporate gathering. In the summer, you can create informal events in the restaurant on the beach, while - for more sought-after events - you can organize dinners in our restaurants with a lake view (we recommend that you explicitly request the lake view). The menus can be based on the most famous Italian cuisine or can give space to the inventiveness of our chefs in the gourmet restaurant.

The company dinner is a cohesive moment

The company dinner promotes cohesion among employees. If there are suppliers, it can be a good time to improve and build relationships with them. It is during a company dinner that the networks of better collaboration are woven. Corporate dinners do not have to be gala dinners, on many occasions they can be informal dinners that encourage the dialogue between participants.

During a corporate event, new ideas are launched. Some people find it hard to believe, but stepping out of the classic company location and confronting each other in new places increases creativity. Therefore, a well organized corporate dinner can be the right time to share and create new strategies.

A corporate dinner is also the best way to celebrate a brand's success. There is no better place than a restaurant to celebrate the accomplishments of the year. Recognising the company's successes is motivating for all departments of the company. We will be honored to participate in the creation of your perfect company dinner, right here on the shores of Lake Lugano.

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