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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: experience Christmas market magic in Lugano, Italy

The most popular Christmas markets in Europe may be in Germany and the Czech Republic, but the Christmas market in Lugano, Italy is proof that the Christmas spirit is alive in Italy as well. Visiting the Christmas market in Lugano is a long-time tradition not only for tourists, but for locals as well. Thousands of people flock to Lugano each December to see the downtown city center transform into a wintry wonderland, right before their eyes. A visitor's guide to the Christmas market in Lugano The city hosts its annual Christmas market event during the ten days before Christmas. Over 150 stalls are placed throughout the downtown area, offering mouth-watering pastries and discounted arts and crafts items. A giant Christmas tree towers over the market square, and lights hang over the pedestrian-friendly walkways like diamonds in the sky, illuminating the narrow, cobblestoned streets. You can also skate around the outdoor skating rink at Manzoni Square. Entrance is free and rented skates are available as well.

Tips on planning your holiday

If you're hoping to spend a fair amount of time in Lugano, why not explore the surrounding area as well? The dazzling city of Tessin is just over an hour's drive away, and a trip to Como is also a must as it sits on the banks of one of the most spectacular lakes in Europe, Lake Como. Not only that, the nearby Parco San Marco is a mere 20 minute drive from Lugano, and offers many spa facilities such as relaxing massages, reflexology treatments and beauty treatments, as well as a 3000 m² private beach and an indoor pool. The hotel also has 111 suites and apartments, making it the perfect place to rest your head after a long day of visiting the Christmas market in Lugano.