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Mediterranean-style city life: explore Switzerland's beautiful Lugano

A Christmas holiday in the Swiss city of Lugano is a way to experience a place that becomes even more beautiful at this time of the year. Christmas lights twinkle throughout the city, reflecting in Lake Lugano and creating a rainbow effect that lights up and colours the cold nights. To start the celebrations there is a symbolic lighting of the Christmas tree, and a cup of hot tea is offered to all present to warm up the spirits. After that the city bustles with the excitement of the season, while a beautiful Christmas market is set up amongst the historic buildings of the city center. The market enhances the already-enchanting architecture of the city, with the lights and decorations adding an extra opportunity to shop for beautiful, traditional and original gifts and tree decorations. For those looking to enjoy the local gastronomy, there are gourmet Christmas stalls offering typical Christmas-time mulled wine, special sweet treats and some of the best seasonal dishes. An ice rink is also set up near the centre of the city, to add to the Christmas spirit.

A Christmas holiday in Lugano is not just about shopping

There is much more happening in the city at Christmas time, such as jazz performances, theatre plays and a show of coloured lights and sounds at the city's Town Hall. For a night out of the cold, a visit to one of the city's historical cinemas to watch a European-made feature film is a good option. When it comes to accommodation, one of the best options is San Marco, which offers a choice between 111 beautifully-decorated suites and apartments, as well as a fitness centre, indoor pool and spa facilities. All of that comes with beautiful mountain views, making your Christmas holiday in Lugano even more postcard-perfect.