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Hot stones and happy feet: try a massage and reflexology break on Lake Lugano

Do you have a job which requires you to work on your feet? Or do you sit at a computer for long hours at a stretch? Or perhaps you've recently suffered from an injury and you're looking for ways to relieve the pain. If so, it might not be a bad idea to take a spa holiday, and really give your body a chance to heal. If Italy appeals, then the area around Lake Lugano is the place to go. The massage and reflexology treatments offered at some of the spa hotels in the area are second to none -- so you can not only relieve any lingering pain in your body, but spend your holiday in the picturesque Italian countryside as well. The many benefits of massage and reflexology treatments Massage and reflexology treatments have been used for centuries to not only relieve pain in the feet, back and neck, but also to balance the nervous system and replenish the flow of oxygen and liquids in your body. Massage and reflexology practitioners at spa centers and hotels have also developed more advanced treatments for those experiencing pain, such as hot stone massages, lymph drainage leg massage, and treatments that promote tissue-toning and blood circulation as well.

Luxury accommodation in Italy: relax in style

The Hotel Parco San Marco on Lake Lugano, offers a variety of excellent reflexology and massage treatments. It also has a wide range of wellness and spa facilities, and boasts 111 suites and apartments as well as a 3000 m² private beach and an indoor pool - so you can sit back and relax between treatments. Taking advantage of the many massage and reflexology treatments available at this spa hotel in Italy will not only revitalize your body, but calm your mind as well.