Parco San Marco
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Easter spa breaks at Lake Lugano: put a spring back into your step!

Refresh your body this season with a well-deserved Easter SPA break in Lugano. The area is a hidden treasure in the region and although it is less known than the charming area of Como, Lugano has it all it takes for that perfect and tranquil escapade. Relax in the wonderful surroundings of Parco San Marco. Parco San Marco is located on Lake Lugano, a wonderful body of azure and turquoise waters ideal for a calm break. Boasting of 111 extravagant suites and apartments, the hotel offers its own private beach and healing pools ideal for hydrotherapy. When it comes to SPA facilities, its amenities are rated four stars. Schedule a sinful massage that will get rid of those stressful knots in your body, freeing your mind from worldly concerns. Avail of a prefit BodyScan that will analyse body dynamics to give you a personalised fitness and diet programme for a healthy lifestyle.

Revitalise the body and mind while enjoying an Easter spa break in Lugano

Parco San Marco does not only provide delectable private SPA services. Its location is ideal for a relaxing journey. Add value to your holiday and visit Lugano city. It boasts of quaint shops, boutiques and restaurants for a different twist to a relaxing holiday. If this is not your thing, take long walks and breathe in fresh air around Lake Lugano. Find delightful treasures in the shops or enjoy the greens of the woodlands with the delectable scent of spring blossoms. Enjoy water sports to contribute to your fitness programme. Pamper your mates with beauty treatments for men so they can also experience a decadent makeover. Let an idyllic Easter SPA break in Lugano reinvigorate your mind, body, and soul for a superb and an extraordinary spring holiday of a lifetime.