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#5 Enjoy the view from Monte Brè

Monte Brè, 933 metres above sea level, can be reached in about twenty minutes by funicular from Lugano-Cassarate. At the top you will find a small church, the Osteria della Funicolare and the Ristorante Vetta, both with terraces from which you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Alps and the gulf of Lake Lugano.

With a short walk (path and stairs of about 20 minutes) you will reach the centre of the small village of Brè, at 785 metres above sea level, embellished by about twenty works of contemporary artists, including Aligi Sassu, Armando Losa, Gianfredo Camesi, Emilio Rissone, Mariapia Borgnini and Fra Roberto Pasotti, magnificently inserted between small squares and paved streets.