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Milonga arrives on Lake Lugano


Milonga arrives on Lake Lugano

A wonderful opportunity for all the lovers of this fascinating and charming music as well as for all those who come to hear these songs for the first time. The music tracks that will be played, will take you into the rhythm of Argentina and Uruguay and seduces you with Creole melodies of the Rio de la Plata.

The Milonga is pure fun, pure rhythm, is the smile that makes us understanding that dancing means pleasure.

So why not get involved in the ritual of the "habanera of the poor" during your next stay at the Parco San Marco?  Several events will take place in Lugano at Studio Foce thanks to the cooperation between “Ritmo Costante” and Martin Wütrich of the dancing school “New Style Dance” of Lugano. The event will start at 8:30 pm and the cost is CHF 8,- per person. In case you would just like to enjoy the show and music, the entry is free.

For further information: http://newstyledance.ch/ and www.foce.ch