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Science Lab activities!

This program lets kids dive into the wonders of nature, technology and the environment!

During the Easter holidays at Parco San Marco, children will get to join in some exciting Science Lab activities! This awesome program lets them dive into the wonders of nature, technology, and the environment through fun experiments led by friendly instructors. It's all about satisfying their curiosity, understanding the world better, and having a blast while doing it. It's a special chance for learning and fun during the holidays!

Here's what we've got planned:


Let's explore together where electricity comes from and all the incredible things we can do with it! We'll be building circuits and switches together.


We're on a mission to discover the mystery of an invisible force and discover just how strong magnets can be. Plus, we'll have fun making our very own magnets! How can magnets be used to make our lives easier?


Today, we're delving into the world of forces. How can we lift something heavy with minimal effort? And how can we keep our balance like a pro? We'll even discover which buildings can stand strong against earthquakes!


Ever wondered how things can fly? We'll be exploring various flying objects and figuring out how they work. And, of course, we'll get the chance to build our own flyers too!

BIONIC - Secrets of Nature

Let's unlock the secrets of nature together! How can we borrow some of nature's coolest ideas? And did you know a plant can turn into a jacket? Nature is full of amazing surprises, and we'll discover even more through lots of fun experiments...