Parco San Marco
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Paragliding above the Lakes

What about contemplating the magnificent landscapes of Lake Lugano and Lake Como from a different, and much higher perspective? Nothing easier than that.. Just decide to give it a try and book a tandem paragliding flight with an expert pilot to take off directly from the top of Mount Galbiga. Standing high with an altitude of 1698 metres Mount Galbiga is located opposite Parco San Marco. As it is an exclusive activity, the flight fee is 200 Euro per person and – due to is exclusivity –  can only be booked for two persons at a time.

You can also depart from the tiny village of Gera Lario on the shores of Lake Como, about a 40 minute car ride away from Parco San Marco and take off from Montalto, at an altitude of 1.250 metres. The fee is 110 Euro per person and can be booked for a maximum of 6 people. Flights are always made in the morning.

If weather conditions are favourable, the pilot may allow you to steer yourself during the flight for the ultimate experience. The pilot can also perform some acrobatic movements above the water before smoothly landing on the banks of the lake to bring you reluctantly but safely back to earth!

The flight lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, landing next to the pick-up parking lot. Take away your memories with an individually edited HD video clip taken with two  on-board cameras documenting your unique experience together with great photos.

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Beautiful paragliding flights can also be done in the nearby Canton Ticino! Bookings can be made 365 days a year through the local company FlyTicino, even for groups up to 15 people! The most popular and spectacular take-offs are certainly those of Monte Tamaro, Monte Lema and Monte Generoso. All these flying sites can be easily reached from Parco San Marco by a car ride of approx. 40 minutes.

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