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Botanic walk

The Parco San Marco set on the eastern end of the Lago di Lugano, is reknown for its exceptional location and its magnificent 30'000 m² park, featuring a fantastic view of the lake, the majestic mountains, and the very thick surrounding forest.

In 2006, landscape architect Sandrine Michaillat from Geneva provided our park with an additional asset by creating a botanic walk for visitors to discover a large number of trees and plants. 

The subtropical park of the Parco San Marco has a particularly rich and beautiful vegetation. Visitors are supplied with in-depth information sheets describing each plant.  

Thus, a new look and a new perspective are provided while touring the park of the hotel - a very unique way of discovering and enjoying this magnificient region. 

There is a total of 66 identified plants and trees in the whole park:

  • Papyrus from Madagascar
  • Canabis palmtree, brought to Europa from China in 1850
  • the 150 years old Lotus Plum
  • the 300 years old Himalayan Cedar
  • Silver Acacia from North America, used for producing high quality Caran d'Ache pencils
  • the 200 year old Cork Oak (tree bark of such oaks is used to make cork stoppers)