Parco San Marco
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Summer holidays in northern Italy: Italian flair with a decidedly Swiss twist!

If you're looking for that perfect escapade, try a marvellous summer holiday in northern Italy. The unique thing about spending time in the region is you have the best of both worlds. Relish the awesome beauty of the Swiss and Italian mountain alps. Revel at the breathtaking scenery of lush valleys and charming villages. Visit the extraordinary region of Ticino in Switzerland that holds the distinction of being the only canton where Italian is the official language. Ticino is completely surrounded by Italy so you’ll have fun discovering the influences of both countries in the area from its verdant forest covers to the amazing local attractions. Marvel at the medieval Castelgrande or Castellini di Bellinzona, a group of beautiful castles. Enjoy the flowing river that runs through Ticino and visit its largest city Lugano. Check out the Palace of the Ticinese canton or take a walk through the cobblestone courtyards of the capital. From cultural to shopping tours, there is no shortage of delightful activities in the area.

Make your summer holiday in northern Italy a memorable one

Magical mountains and fertile valleys are not the only reasons to go for a summer holiday in northern Italy. Stay at the wonderful Hote Parco San Marco  offering 111 lovely suites and apartments catering to all sorts of voyagers from singles to groups. It has its own 3000 m² private beach and several water pools. Located on majestic Lake Lugano, Parco San Marco offers easy access to the lake. Enjoy the sumptuous SPA facilities of the hotel or get active doing water sports. Sample local cuisine at the hotel’s in-house restaurant serving gastronomy fares or dine in the city of Lugano or Bellinzona. A magical summer holiday in northern Italy awaits the curious visitor who is willing to embrace the delightful combination of Italian and Swiss flavours.