Parco San Marco
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Snow-capped peaks, olive trees and azure-blue lakes: experience summer hiking in northern Italy

The region where northern Italy meets southern Switzerland is a stunning destination throughout the year. With a Mediterranean climate, a landscape dotted with glistening lakes and towering green mountains, the region is not only the perfect place to practice several sports but affords visitors breathtaking views at the same time. The region is also known for its SPAs and bustling market towns, some of which date as far back as Roman times. Summer hiking in northern Italy The two main lakes in the region are the conveniently adjacent Lago di Lugano and Lago di Como. They complement each other in architecture, cuisine, history and culture and give the adventurous holidaymaker an opportunity to explore the area a diverse and exciting Alpine region. Hiking around Lake Lugano is a challenging and stimulating experience. The paths on Monte San Salvatore go through forested downhill areas or to the top of the mountain, reaching heights over 900 meters. Discover small hidden gems nestled deep in the mountains like the town of Carona, go through manicured farms, taste homemade gelato on the way and be mesmerized with breathtaking lake views. Or if you choose Monte Brè, chances are you will start at Lake Lugano, and end up on Lake Como. The hike is steep and you can choose different paths and lengths to suit your skills and time, but be certain that whichever way you go you will find many spectacles of the natural world. To give yourself easy access to the best hiking paths, the perfect accommodation lies right on the mountainside, at the edge of Lake Lugano. The Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort is a luxurious SPA hotel with 111 suites to choose from and a 3000 m² private beach for guests to enjoy. Summer hiking in northern Italy is a challenging yet gratifying experience.