Parco San Marco
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Learn massage in Italy: massage lessons for couples

Inviting your partner away on a romantic holiday is the perfect way to show them you love them. Northern Italy is one of the most beautiful regions in the world and is filled with opportunities for gourmet dining, shopping, sightseeing and relaxing. Taking time to be with that important person in your life means creating happy memories and finding things that interest you both -- and perhaps also learning something that you can both take home with you. Massage lessons for couples might just be that special something. Massage lessons for couples in beautiful surroundings At Parco San Marco guests' different needs and wishes are taken seriously and couples on a romantic holiday have the opportunity to really focus on each other. The hotel is situated in a stunning location and spreads across an area of 30 000 m², which includes 111 suites and apartments, restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools and a 3000 m² private beach and a state of the art SPA. In the extensive SPA area, guests can enjoy a back and shoulder massage to help relax, or undertake a reflexology session, which will help energy flow easier through the body. But there is more for couples than first meets the eye. A private spa can be booked in advance, and offers guests the opportunity to relax while dedicating their time solely to their significant other. Or you can book massage lessons for couples. These lessons will help train couples in how to melt each other's tension away, as well as how to communicate and interact in an entire different way. What better way to spend a holiday than to make sure you can continue relaxing long after you return home? Massage lessons for couples can turn a romantic holiday into a lifelong experience.