Parco San Marco
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Foot rubs and fun pools: find something for everyone at our family-friendly SPA hotel in north Italy!

North Italy has something more to offer than just majestic landscapes and a divine regional cuisine. It's a perfect place for families with young or teenager kids. Make sure you stay at the family-friendly SPA hotel, Hotel Parco San Marco. This hotel is situated between the picturesque Lugano and Lake Como. Featuring 111 lavish suites and apartments, you'll truly enjoy the expansive spaces and facilities at this hotel as well as its secluded and private beach. Even your kids who need childcare will be delighted with the Club BimBamBino with its superb recreation activities designed to entertain and amuse. There's a separate fun pool for the little ones so they are not bored. And when your kids are occupied, you'll have lots of opportunities to enjoy yourself with your partner by taking a dip at the pool or participate in extreme water sports activities.

More to do at the family-friendly SPA hotel

Parco San Marco You can even get child care if you want to take a breather from your parenting duties. If you are travelling with older children, there's also a teen space at the family-friendly SPA hotel proposing a delightful array of active leisure activities that will stimulate the mind and spirit of budding youths. And, when you have the free time with your mate, you should not wonder what to do. You can go for relaxing foot rubs or a shiatsu massage for decadent pampering. Do it as a couple or have a fun day with the girls or boys during family-friendly activities. Play water sports as a group or couples along the lakes. With family-friendly SPA hotels, you are sure to find something that will please every member of the family. A family-friendly SPA hotel is your own special place for a pleasant and tranquil getaway free from the hassles of the fast-paced world.