Parco San Marco
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Exfoliation for the soul: beauty treatments and well-being at Lake Lugano

Do you feel that life is just passing you by? Would you like to get out of the physical and emotional rut you’re in? Doing beauty treatments and well-being therapy might just be what you need. Consider taking a break at the delightful Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort. This magnificent lifestyle resort and hotel is located near beautiful Lake Lugano. Featuring 111 luxuriously furnished suites and apartments, you have the choice whether you want roomy spaces or the comforts of home in a hotel. The hotel’s proximity to the lake affords the opportunity to enjoy day trips around the area or visit the charming town of Porlezza. Otherwise, the facilities and amenities of the hotel are top notch, with its own 3000 m² private beach and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Decadent beauty treatments and well-being therapy for the body and mind

Perhaps the main attraction of this lifestyle resort is its ideal location. It is the perfect place to enjoy revitalising beauty treatments and soothing well-being therapy. Their wellness centre offers a wide range of treatments for a complete makeover. Arrange for a delectable body or facial massage to relieve stress and tensions. Indulge in helpful yoga exercises so you can draw out your inner energy and focus on the essentials in life. Go all the way and get one of those delicious facials or body peeling. Dead skin will be exfoliated giving way to a new layer of epidermis for a smoother, softer, and younger looking skin. Excess hair bothering your self-esteem? You can also get waxing treatments to complete or complement your beauty makeover. Relax in the sauna or swim vigorously to improve your energy levels and rejuvenate yourself. Beauty treatments and well-being therapy are there to renew yourself whilst in magnificent and inviting settings.