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Awaken the mind: a summer meditation retreat in northern Italy

When life gets busy and tasks take over our minds we can become stressed and out of focus. Health and wellness take second place in our priority list and risk jeopardizing our mental and physical wellbeing. A meditation retreat can be a great way to get out of the cycle and learn to control our minds for a deeper sense of consciousness and quiet. Our surroundings play a strong role in determining our stress levels and taking to nature can help alleviate stress and everyday worries. Once mastered, meditation is a skill that one can take anywhere and practice anytime.

Meditation retreat in Italy

In the beautiful region of northern Italy, where lakes meet mountains and nature is exuberant and inspiring, travelers will find the Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort, a wellness resort at the edge of lake Lugano, amidst a 30.000m² subtropical park. The hotel with 111 suites and apartments, 3.000m² private beach, indoor and outdoor pools and SPA facilities welcomes guests searching to find inner peace and quiet the mind. At the highest spot of the hotel's ground is the meditation pavilion, an area specially designed to serve as an undisturbed retreat. The incredible views from the top help one relax and connect with nature.

De-stress and enjoy northern Italy

The northern Italian lake region is well-known worldwide for its beauty and cities such as Como and Lugano. It is also a destination for the practice of many sports during the warmer months of the year and it is one of Europe's best spots to play golf, with several clubs within short distance from one another. There are a variety of activities that attract visitors to this beautiful region including many that promote wellbeing and relaxation. A meditation retreat in Italy will teach you these valuable skills and much more.