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Artinbosco is a unique exhibition itinerary of its kind: it is born from the gathering between art and nature but evolves with the changing of the seasons and the passing of time in a deep symbiosis with the environment that welcomes it.


The installations that appear among the trees along the path, suspended or laid on the ground, charm visitors for their being at the same time a natural element, that is never eternal and immutable, and an artist's creation. But Artinbosco is constantly evolving also in terms of size: starting from 2018 new installations are added every year, making it an attraction to visit several times with the certitude of living a new experience every time. The itinerary, accessible to all, winds in the shadow of suggestive beech and chestnut woods and offers surprises and emotions to adults and children.


  • Length

    3 Km

  • Requirements


  • Height Difference

    Ascent: 120 m
    Descent: 1 m

  • Durata

    0.50 h

  • Conditions


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