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Hot-air balloon ride

With Balloon Team SA, you can enjoy an unique experience: the magic of flying with a hot air balloon!

Offer yourself or give an extraordinary adventure!

Let you drive by the wind, for an unforgettable feeling, for a day among the clouds.

Together with the ground crew and the pilot, you will directly participate in rigging the hot air balloon and preparing it for the flight. You will see the ball slowly to be filled with hot air and it will rise up from the ground.

Flying in a hot air balloon means to grace the air with one finger, you can caress the top of the trees, overflying meadows, farmland and landscapes at few meters distance only and lightly touch the water of lakes and rivers.


Monday-Friday: CHF 340,00 per person

Weekend: CHF 450,00 per person

Children (8-14 years): CHF 200,00 per child