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Beauty & massage treatments

Our world of massages

The art of massage is an ancient way of taking care of the body that has many benefits: it relaxes and regenerates our organism, it balances the nervous system, it stimulates oxygenation and flow of liquids in the body, it relaxes the muscles and gives a sensation of peace and well-being. 

Our Massage-Team is made up of both male and female professionals.

Our "world of massages" at a glance

Relaxing massages

Based on your needs, your requirements, we will be pleased to advise you to the best massage - a personalized treatment that will help you regain the right balance of body and soul. An ayurvedic massage or rather a Hot Stone massage... some warm essential oils, caring, expert hands, perfumed aromas, and complete relaxation.

Back, shoulder and neck massage (B2) 25 min. for EUR 45: a relaxing massage that soothes muscle tension in the back, shoulders and neck.

Classic massage (C2) 50 min. for EUR 80: a whole body massage to relax and soothe muscles using medium depth strokes.

Anti-stress massage (C4) 50 min. for EUR 80: the aim of these massages is to relax body and mind. These massages are performed with slow and rhythmic strokes that promote body and mind well-being.

Aromatherapy Massage (C6) 50 min. for EUR 90: It is a relaxing massage which combines the benefits of massage with the use of precious scented essential oils which can influence our mood and wellbeing.

Holistic massage (C7) 70 min. for EUR 105: a whole body massage that uses three different methods: aromatherapy, hot stones and reflexology. The synergy of these methods will put you in a state of deep relaxation.

Oriental Massage (C15) 60 min. for EUR 95: this Indian massage uses specific techniques which have detoxifying, draining and relaxing effects. With slow and rhythmic movements along the body, it allows body and mind to achieve a state of total relaxation. The use of aromatic essences amplifies the sensation of well-being.

Relaxing foot massage (C16) 25 min. for EUR 45.

Moisturizing massage with Karité butter and sweet orange essence (C19) 40min. für EUR 65. A relaxing whole body massage that will deeply moisturise your skin.

A sensorial and olfactory journey (60 min. 95 Eur) C11. Unique and exclusive, a massage where the main focus is you and your desires. An enticing atmosphere in which to indulge and unwind to extraordinary moments of wellness. Treat yourself to the luxury of pure relax, an unforgettable experience in touch with your senses. Essential oils have truly amazing properties able to heal body and mind. 

Hot Stone Massages and reflexology

Hot Stone Massages

Massaging with stones is an ancient art, used in the past mainly by Ayurveda medicine and American Indians. It has always been a simple and effective way to cure, to relax and improve our body-mind state. This massage uses the properties of the stones to melt tension and infuse deep relaxation. It is contraindicated for those that have weak capillaries, heart problems, varicose veins, sensitive skin and also for pregnant women.

HOT STONE back and neck massage (C8) 25 min. for EUR 45: During this short but very pleasant massage your back will be massaged with hot stones, whose heat will melt muscles tension sinking deep in the body.

Back and neck HOT STONE massage with Reflexology (C9) 40 min. for EUR 65: An excellent combination that will make you feel deeply relaxed.

Whole body HOT STONE MASSAGE (C10) 50 min. for EUR 80: A very pleasant sensation of warmth which sinks in deeply in the body. The stones will be both used as a tool of massage and placed on certain parts of the body to infuse warmth, giving you a sensation of relaxation and well-being.


Reflexology is based on the principles that every single vital function of the body is connected to reflex points in the feet. A focused massage on the reflex points creates a flow that promotes energy circulation stimulating the self-healing ability of the body. It is a very relaxing and effective treatment both on a physical and mental level.

Reflexology with back, shoulder and neck massage (B10) 50min. for EUR 80. The reflexology sessions is focused on the reflexes of the back, shoulder and neck and combined with a back massage, excellent, effective treatments for those who suffer from tension and pain in these areas.

Reflexology with head & neck massage (B12) 50min. for EUR 80: The reflexology sessions is focused on the reflexes of the back and head to relax the nervous system and are combined with a relaxing head and neck massage.

Massages for the legs

Leg massage (G1) 25min. for EUR 45: For heavy and tired legs. This massage boosts fluid circulation giving a greater sensation of lightness in the legs.

Draining leg massage (G2) 40min. for EUR 60: The ideal massage for those who suffer from water retention in the legs, thanks to the strokes and the oils used, which are made from hyssop, pimpinella, lavender and eucalyptus. It stimulates lymph and blood circulation.

Sport massages

Sport massage works deeply on the muscular system. It is indicated to those who practice sport or to those who like a deep tissue massage. Done before sport activities it prepares muscles to the effort, done after has an anti-fatigue and decongestant effect.

Sport massage – focused (S1) 25min. for EUR 45

Sport massage – general (S2) 40min. for EUR 65

Massages for children from 2 to 6 years old

Relaxing massage (F1) 25 min. for EUR 45

Relaxing foot massage (F2) 25 min. for EUR 45

Lessons for couples and individuals

Our lessons offer simple and precious tools to take care of yourself and of those you love.

Back and shoulder massage lesson for couples (L2) 60min. for EUR 80

Back and shoulder massage lesson for the whole family (L4) 60min. for EUR 80 (maximum 4 people)

According to availability, with a supplement of Euro 40.00, it is possible to perform massages in your own suite. This option is not valid for the following massages: holistic massage – hot stone massage –massage.

Our massage-team is composed of both male and female professionals.

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"Beauty knows only enjoyment..." 

The journey to a relaxing state of well-being leads you directly into the expert hands of our masseur and masseuse. Enjoy, for example, a good body peeling or face treatment and immediately feel the long lasting, positive effects. 

Our beauty treatments can be found here

Vinoble Cosmetics – Nature & Science in perfect Harmony

All the products of the Vinoble cosmetics range are totally natural products and mainly made from grapes grown in the sunny region of Stiria, in southern Austria. Its fruit, the grape, contains precious OCB, one of the more powerful anti-oxidants. The products are free of paraben, paraffin and artificial preservatives, and are not tested on animals.

Facial and eye treatments

The journey to a relaxing state of well-being leads you directly into the expert hands of our masseur and masseuse.

Enjoy, for example, a good body peeling or face treatment and immediately feel the long lasting, positive effects. 

Vinoble Classic (A1) 50min, EUR 75. Refresh your complexion in no time at all! Precious grape seed extracts protect and smooth your skin while gently exfoliating it during this treatment. A refreshing facial mask and a revitalizing massage adjusted to your skin’s individual needs are applied.The facial treatment ‘Classic’ can also be booked as a teenager treatment (age 12 to 17) with deep cleansing effect.

Vinoble Selection (A2) 90min, EUR 120. The care experience for beautiful glowing skin! Following a thorough cleansing, masks and serums are individually selected for your skin type to provide brightness and intense care. The integrated eye treatment smooths fine wrinkles and adds new energy and freshness.

Vinoble Deluxe (A3) 90min, EUR 160: Anti-aging has never felt more luxurious! Indulge yourself with this high-performance treatment combining an enzyme exfoliation, eye treatment and massage with an individually adjusted ampoule cocktail that will erase little wrinkles and intensely tighten your skin. Experience a cooling polyphenol exfoliation mask and notice how your skin visibly gains contour.

Vinoble Mini Lifting Facial (A4) 50min, EUR 90, Immediate fresh look – the lifting sensation!Our mini lifting rejuvenates the skin through gentle tartaric acid exfoliation.The secret? The core power of the Pinot Noir: Grape stem cells and precious red wine extracts visibly refresh and tighten your skin.

For a small extra, an eyebrow correction can be added to any treatment, 10 EUR.

Eye care

Eyelash and eyebrow tint with eyebrow shaping (A12) 45min. for EUR 40: Eyelashes and eyebrows have an important role but they are often under-valued.Their function is fundamental both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view, because they protect the eyes, intensify them and give definition.

Eyelash tint ** (A13) 20min. for EUR 18

Eyebrows tint ** (A14) 20min. for EUR 18

Eyebrow shaping ** (A15) 20min. for EUR 18

** Eyes must be free of make-up.

Hands care

Cosmetic manicure (A40) 50-60min. for EUR 55: With nail polish and a moisturizing hand massage.

Cosmetic “French” manicure (A41) 50-60min. for EUR 60

“Deluxe” manicure (A42) 60-70min. for EUR 70: This luxury manicure includes hands exfoliation, nail care, a hand mask, moisturizing massage and nail polish.

“Face & hands” ritual (A43) 90min. for EUR 120: Treat yourself to a complete feeling of well-being with this special combination of treatments designed to take care of your face and hands. This treatment includes a face exfoliation and massage, a grape leaf face and eye mask and a cosmetic manicure with nail polish and relaxing hand massage.

Manicure with Gel Color OPI 75/90min. for EUR 85

OPI is a revolution! No longer flashily unnatural nails with gel polish; instead, amazingly natural nails thanks to a new procedure enabling us to apply semi-permanent nail polish in a layer as thin as conventional polish and as durable as gel polish. Luminosity and brilliance of our colours are unrivalled – for at least 14 days.

Gel Color OPI (application only) 60min. for EUR 45

Removal with special pads EUR 10 

Feet care

“Basic” pedicure (A50) 35-45min. for EUR 50: Footbath, foot and nail care 

“Total Care” pedicure (A51) 45-55min. for EUR 60: Footbath, nail and callus care, massage and nail polish

Pedicure “Deluxe” (A52) 60-70min. for EUR 70: Footbath, peeling, nail and callus care, massage and nail polish.

Pedicure with Gel Color OPI 75/90min. EUR 80

Gel Color OPI (application only) 60min. EUR 45

Prices may vary according to the treatment required.

Beauty Rituals

Body exfoliation

Body exfoliation is a purifying ritual that leaves the skin soft and refreshed, eliminating dead cells and impurities, leaving the skin as smooth as silk.

Moisturizing exfoliation (A16) 35min, for EUR 50. A purifying exfoliation with grape seeds and sea salt. Through the cleansed skin surface, the body can fully absorb the precious unsaturated fatty acids of the cold-pressed grape seed oil.

Purifying exfoliation with Parco San Marco® lavender flower (A18), 35min, EUR 50. With grapeseed oil, sea salt, and lavender flowers grown at Parco San Marco.

Body Peeling and Fango

Clay has anti-inflammatory and draining properties and is mineralizing and balancing. The minerals contained in it attract water and absorbs fluids and waste products. Through the skin there is an exchange between the precious minerals contained in the mud and the waste products of the body’s metabolism.

Draining body wrap with mud from the Dead Sea (A20),70min, EUR 110. This treatment drains, purifies and reactivates circulation, leaving the skin smooth. At the end of the treatment a good fennel tea will complete the draining action.

Firming body wrap & massage (A21), 75min, EUR 120. This treatment starts with a cleansing scrub with salt from the Dead Sea, followed by a revitalizing massage of a body region of your choice. Finally, your skin is intensively tightened and humidified with a Vinoble Body Pack.                                                            

For a good result a minimum of 3 treatments are advised.            


Waxing (D1) Top lip or chin (combined *) 10min, for EUR 9 -  EUR 12*

Waxing (D2) Under-arm 15min. for EUR 17

Waxing (D3) Bikini 20min. for EUR 19

Waxing (D4) Half leg 30min. for EUR 25

Waxing (D5) Full leg (with bikini *) 60min. for EUR 55 -  EUR 65* 

Waxing (D6) Back 30min. for EUR 40

Waxing (D7) ½ Arm 25min. for EUR 25 

Beauty treatments for men

Vinoble Classic Men (M1), 50min for EUR 69: Smoothing, refreshing facial treatment with relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. Antioxidants from grape seeds protect and stimulate the cells and immediately supply new energy to your skin.

Cosmetic manicure (M3) 30-40min. for 40 EUR: With nail care and polishing, exfoliation and a moisturizing hand massage.

Pedicure “Total Care” (M4) 45-55min. for 60 EUR: Footbath, nail and callus care, exfoliation, nail polishing and foot massage.

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Beauty & Massage Packages

Overnight stay is not included in the prices below.

Mini Relax

(min. stay 2 nights)

  • 1 Relaxing massage 40 min.
  • 1 Foot reflexology massage 25 min.
  • 1 Facial treatment including peeling, cleansing, massage, mask 50 min.

*on demand eyebrow correction €10.00  

Price per person: EUR 145

Back Wellness

(min. stay 2 nights)

  • 1 Back treatment with loam for pains and muscular tension with massage 45 min.
  • 1 ‘Hot Stones’ back and shoulders massage 20 min.

Price per person: EUR 90

Pure Relax

(min. stay 3 nights)

  • 1 Relaxing massage 50min.
  • 1 Aromatherapy massage 40min.
  • 1 Hot Stones back and shoulder massage 20min.
  • 1 Foot reflexology with back and shoulder massage 40min.

Price per person: EUR 205

Beauty & Relax 

(min. stay 2 nights)

  • 1 Body peeling-massage 35 min.
  • 1 Moisturising body massage with Monoi oil of Tiaré 25 min.
  • 1 Facial treatment including peeling, cleansing, massage, mask 50 min.

*on demand eyebrow correction €10.00

Price per person: EUR 150


(min. stay 2 nights)

  • 1 Classic massage 50 min.
  • 1 Relaxing massage back, shoulders and neck 25 min.
  • 1 Foot reflexology with head and neck massage 40 min.

Price per person: EUR 155

Special for Her or Him

(min. stay 3 nights)

  • 1 Sport massage for him 40 min.
  • 1 Relaxing massage for her 40 min.
  • 1 Facial treatment for her and him 50 min.
  • 1 Aesthetic pedicure or manicure for her and him 50/60 min.

*on demand eyebrow correction €10.00

Price per person: EUR 325

Special for Children 

(min. stay 2 nights) 

For children from 6 to 12 years old 

  • 1 Mini relaxing massage 20min.
  • 1 Relaxing foot massage 20min.

Price per person: EUR 55

Future Mothers

(min. stay  3 nights)

  • 1 Facial treatment including peeling, cleansing, massage, mask 50 min.
  • 1 Relaxing back and neck massage 20 min.
  • 1 Relaxing leg massage 20 min.

Price per person: EUR 125

Wellness Rituals 2018

‘Deluxe facial’ ritual (90 min.)

A special ritual that combines beauty and relaxation. This ritual includes a personalised facial treatment with peeling, deep cleansing, a facial and decolleté massage and a mask, combined with a very pleasant  neck and head massage.

Price per person: EUR 120

‘Anti-age ritual 360°’ (90 min.)

Treat yourself to an authentic sensation of wellbeing, thanks to this specific combination of massage and beauty treatments aimed to fight the signs of aging. This ritual includes a body scrub, an anti-age facial treatment with a specific mask and a draining leg and buttock massage.

Price per person: EUR 120

‘Face & eyes’ ritual (65 min.)

For a luminous and intense look, this ritual gives new light to your face. It includes a facial treatment designed for your skin type with face and décolleté scrub, massage and precious face and eye mask. The eyelashes and eyebrows dye will make your look even more luminous.

Price per person: EUR 95

‘Hydra-Karité ritual’ (50 min.)

Give your body a new sensation of energy and wellbeing with this treatment aimed to leave your skin velvety and hydrated. This treatment includes a body scrub with hemp gloves, followed by a hydrating massage with Monoi Tiaré oil.

Price per person: EUR 80

Our massage-team is composed of both male and female professionals.

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