• Paraglider im Himmel vor der Sonne

Paragliding on the Lakes


Would you like to contemplate the magnificent region of Lake Lugano and Lake Como from another and higher perspective? This is possible by booking your tandem flight with an experienced pilot taking-off directly from Monte Galbiga. Mount Galbiga, with its 1,698 meters high is located in front of Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort. There are many other points of departure such as from Montemezzo, in localitá Fordeccia (1250 m above sea level), from Sorico where there is the Monte Berlinghera (1050 m above sea level) and again from Montemezzo but from the weather station "Eolo" at 1750 meters. The team of  „Brevart“ describes the experience of paragliding over Lake Como and the surrounding mountains as "unforgettable". Do you want a souvenir of your flight? You can ask photos and video directly to instructors.

Here you will find more information: www.comolakeparagliding.com/tandemvluchten-comomeeror you can ask directly at the reception!


The tandem paragliding is an activity suitable for anyone at any age, for the one who’s looking strong emotions but especially for the one who loves the nature and the sense of freedom. Which are the needed requisites? There is no need to have particular physical requisites since you need just few steps for the taking-off and the landing and you will be seated in a very comfortable harness in front of the pilot during the flight. We organize tandem paragliding flights all year round, every day of the week, preferably in the morning by us and only when the weather allows it. All the equipment will be supplied by our pilots, we only suggest to wear trekking boots or any other shoes with ankles protection.There is no need to wear special clothes and it's not cold, even if in the winter we suggest to wear gloves and warm windstopper clothes.The duration of the flight depends on the season and the weather conditions; usually it lasts about 15 min...