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Music on ice- Bellinzona


Music on Ice it´s back in Ticino for its 6th year; the next 15th and 16th January will see in fact the brand new show “Cosmo” being presented at the Bellinzona Sport Centre.

The elegant art of ice skating will bring to life a visionary journey among human fears and desires.

“Cosmo” is the fictional story of an alien who, exiled to our planet, reaches stricken lands full of problems. His visit isn´t nonetheless unseen as ancient prophesies and a mysterious stone takes us back to a distant extraterrestrial past and to shreds of a lost civilization. The arrival of the character Cosmo will set the start to a series of inconceivable events, fears and desires, dreams and vital decisions. The inhabitants of this isolated town will welcome the banished alien with misunderstandings. At one side stands the desire to rediscover ancient roots and to the other side there´s the will of escaping to survive.


The melodic and dazzling frame of the Bellinzona ice rink will entertain with 2 intense hours of ice skating, acting, art and emotions, with a long and distant journey in space, in the pursuit of peace, beauty and love...Home!


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