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Motor boats

Do you feel like exploring Lake Lugano by boat?
On our private beach you can rent boats (10 or 40 PS) and discover Lake Lugano from an exclusive point of view. Why not going shopping in Lugano or test your luck at the new casino in Campione d'Italia?

Please note that if you would like to bring your own motor boat, prior registration by the authorities is needed and it costs Euro 100,00. Since 2015 the documentation required to apply for a nautical license plate (originals of ID, boat insurance, ownership document and nautical driving license) are to be handed in to the authorities directly. However, we will be glad to assist you booking an appointment with the local police office where you could fill in an application form (this takes about 10 minutes and the appointment must be booked a couple of days in advance). Charges can be settled at the nearest post office and the receipt of payment needs to be brought back to the police office which will then issue the license plate the very same day.

Docking your boat to the Resorts´s jetty costs 40,00 Euro per day