• Wine tasting in der cave

Wine & Tastings

"In vino veritas."

Our exquisite wine list is composed of high quality Italian wines and “New World“ wines.
The Italian wine culture is perfectly reflected in our list, which represents all the regions of Italy. We place emphasis on grape varieties from Ticino, for example the fine Merlot del Ticino.
The ‚New World’ stimulates all the senses with an elegant and expressive bouquet. Our list features a fine selection of wines from Chile, Argentina, Australia and California.
Tuscany’s lively colours blend perfectly in each bottle of Vino Dievole. Try out the special wines from our own production at the Dievole vineyard, near Siena.
An excellent selection of wines from biodynamic cultivation has been compiled to offer our customers a greater feeling of well-being.

Our Winelist


"La Cava di Plozza" 

Outstanding surroundings for wine tastings and drinks before dinner can be found in the 200 year old ice cellar "La Cava di Plozza".