• Gläser mit verschiedenen Honigsorten

Honey of the Parco San Marco: liquid gold

The exclusive honey on our rich ‚Buongiorno’ breakfast buffet is the product of a long family tradition. The small family-run apiary ‚La Mieleria Marco Ruga’ is located in the pretty village of San Siro on the western bank of Lake Como, not far from our resort. The apiary unites conscientious bee-keeping and grandfather’s knowledge.

Our honey is a 100% natural product of nomadic bee-keeping. The useful animals busily collect pollen from field flowers and trees. A difference is made between the flowers of the low mountain and the high mountain range, such as the Val Cavargna alp in lofty height. Pollen of wild mountain flowers is particularly pure. This extra pureness is the base for first class quality honey.

Our buffet offers five different honey varieties:

• Acacia honey – characterized by a light golden colour

• Lime-tree honey: clear and aromatic flavour

• Flower honey: tends to be a honey-like yellow colour

• Chestnut honey: aromatic and complex flavours, typically dark amber colour

• Honeydew honey: is obtained from the nectar on the leaves/, dark colour and mineral taste

Royal Jelly
Besides honey the apiary also produces the nutritious Royal Jelly and bee pollen. Both are completely natural important food supplements. The pollen is formed into little balls and dried. It can be conserved in glass jars. Its flavour unfolds perfectly when a teaspoon of pollen is mixed with yogurt.

The honey is harvested from May until end of August. In this timespan beekeeper Marco Ruga collects up to 10 tons of honey. One beehive can produce as much as 25 to 30 kilograms of honey.
Sweeten your stay at the Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort:

Taste our excellent honey! The liquid gold is available at reception.