• Francesco Hayez Gemälde

Romanticism returns to Milan


Until the 16th of February at the “Gallerie d´Italia”, in Piazza delle Scala in Milan, it will be possible to enjoy a monographic art exhibition of the romantic painter Hayez. The collection of the French artist who spent a long period of time working and living in Milan, includes more than 100 paintings and frescos and represents the most complete exposition of the painter.

The assemblage is divided into 10 sections which follow the chronological production of the artist linked with the Italian Risorgimento (period leading to unification of Italy). For the first time the visitors will be able to admire in addition to the great classics, also some pieces never exposed before.

Not to be missed is the comparison between the different versions of the paintings as for example the famous “Bacio” (Kiss), symbol of the “Risorgimento”, preserved until now in the picture gallery of Brera.

For more information: http://www.gallerieditalia.com/hayez/