• Jazz Christoph Irniger Trio

Jazz in Bess - Christoph Irniger Trio


Saturday 13th February in Lugano, Via Besso 42a, the “Christoph Imiger Trio” will perform at the “Jazz in Bess”, starting from 9:00 pm. The trio will entertain you with their energy and poetry taking you to a brand new musical level. The young group of artists interacts with each other like a perfect mechanism: every musician plays completely alone but perfectly in sync with one another.

The Trio was founded in New York in 2011, each of the three musicians has an interesting musical background: Christoph Irniger, (1979, Zurich) studied music in Luzern and in Zurich, Raffaele Bossard (1982, Los Angeles) learnt how to play double bass with Heiri Känzig and the Israeli drummer Ziv Ravitz (1976) co-worked with Lee Konitz and Yaaron Herman. Since their formation they have been busy with many tour dates in different countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and the United States.

For further information and reservations visit the website: www.jazzy-jams.ch