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Giotto in Milan


Until the 10.01.2016 at “Palazzo Reale” in Milan, it is possible to visit a unique exposition dedicated to the Florentine painter Giotto. The event is an homage to one of the most important protagonists of the Italian art history, who, as Cennino Cennini already wrote at the end of XVI century, “ changed the art of painting from the Greece style to the Latin one leading to the modernity”.

The Giotto exposition in Milan shows the different  phases of the famous painter, following the evolution of his style and his painting during his stays in Rome, Assisi, Bologna, Florence, Rimini, Padua and Milan. Here Giotto spent his last years working for Azzone Visconti to fresco a part of the “Palazzo Ducale” with “Gloria Mondana” and maybe a collection of “Uomini Illustri” (well-known men), unfortunately gone lost. Thanks to the artistic loans given from Italian and International museums, this exposition is an unmissable occasion to get acquainted with his art and admire his artworks that have revolutionized the history of the Italian art.


Opening Time: Monday: 14.30-19.30; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: from 9.30 until 19.30; Thursday and Saturday: 9.30-22.30.