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Quality & Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

The hotel Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort offers the epitome of high quality experiences and hospitality in a relaxed atmosphere for a wide range of generations.

The aim of the hotel Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort is to offer our guests the greatest possible sense of wellbeing. The quality policy aim is to reach the highest quality possible in our performance of tasks.
For this, the following quality features regarding services, products and workflow must be observed and, if necessary,must be adjusted to new demands. The main quality features for services and products are:

  1. Highest Possible Customer Orientation
  2. Accuracy
  3. Reliability
  4. Topicality
  5. Prompt Performance of Tasks
  6. Availability

Environmental Policy

An intact environment forms the basis of our hotel complex. Therefore, we are interested in an harmonious symbiosis of nature and environment, in which we operate commercially. Only an intact environment and a biodiversity of flora and fauna will help our guests to relax, recuperate and enjoy unforgettable experiences.
We see the protection of the environment as a joint task, to which each employee must contribute according to his/her responsibility, knowledge and ability. Furthermore, we also aim to motivate our guests and suppliers to act in an environmentally responsible manner.

We aim to:

  • Protect the natural resources and use them efficiently.
  • Reduce waste and use eco-friendly methods of disposal.
  • Promote a sense of responsibility for the environment in all employees through training courses and information in all departments.
  • Foster an open and objective dialogue with all authorities and suppliers as well as with the public.
  • Give our guests continuous and detailed information about the environmental aspects of our work.
  • Not only comply with all provisions of environmental law, but also maintain our responsibility to continuously improve our environmental standards.

For a zero emission world, we offer to our guests an e-car recharge.