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History & Philosophie

History of the hotel

The promoters and investors of this beautiful Resort are Eva and Hartmut Schwenn, who searched the whole of Tessin and Northern Italy until 1971 for the perfect piece of land where to make their dream come true: open a unique holiday site. They discovered and fell in love with the untouched land of Porlezza and found an free land of approx. 30'000 qm for their ambitious project. 

The first phase of construction, which lasted until 1976, 32 comfortable holiday apartments were built. The apartments were rented with great success. Reinforced in their ideas, Eva and Hartmut Schwenn decided in 1980 to go ahead with their project of a unique holiday site. 

Then started the administrative constraints. The negotiations went on for years and the building rules became tough. In 1992 the building authorization was nearly granted, but at the last minute some more studies, researches and new plans were required. Again time was going by; in order to test whether the project was respecting the severe environmental regulations, Eva and Hartmut Schwenn had to have 3 sample houses built in 1994. On the base of this 1:1 presentation the construction permit was finally acquired on 13th June 1996 with, nevertheless, the additional paragraph: "Vedi Autorizzazioni del Servizio Beni Ambientali della Regione Lombardia ..." which means, that the strict environmental regulations must still be followed carefully. 

On 6th October 1997 the construction of this technically challenging project could finally start and already on 30th July 1999 everything was completed with no incidents. The strenght of 150 professionals was needed to fulfill this demanding project. 

During the second construction stage, 81 new studios and suites were built as well as the reception, a bar, three restaurants, two banquet and conference rooms, a wellness area, a sport area, the park and an underground parking for 120 cars. 

Today 111 elegant suites and apartements are available for overnight stay.


Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort

...simply unique

Just as unique as our hotel and area that surrounds it, the mountains and at the charming Lake Lugano, as unique should be your holiday. From arrival till departure, we will make it a unique experience, anticipate your desires and wishes to give you a memorable stay. What we do is not as important as WHO we do it for. If our guests are satisfied, we may be happy. Consequently work becomes an enjoyment which can transpire to our guests. 

Often, simple little things make the difference. Attention for details, unique style, cordiality, and passionate care. A pleasant conversation, personal interaction, being sensible and creative, enjoying working as hosts is important to us. 

An holiday in our Resort is as unique as our guests are!


We are the leading holiday hotel and gastronomy business on Lago di Lugano, working in an economically successful and independent way.


The Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort embodies great experiences and hospitality in an informal ambiance, aiming to a wide range of generations, regardless of age and lifestyle.


Our goal is to fullfil the leisure, and wellness requirements of a modern resort through a wide range of innovative offers, as well as to live up to our motto "… simply unique...". Thus, it is our task in the long run to work seeking profits, in order to be able to make the investments required to a successful future. High quality is ensured by investments in our infrastructure as well as by our flexible, creative, and competent employees. At the Parco San Marco, driven people will feel gratified with their job and obtain professional achievements. The career of such employees is very important to the Management and is an integral part of the leadership principles. Also paramount to us it´s sustainability: the Resort perfectly blends in the mouintain and lake frame is set in, preserving its enchanting beauty and adopting cutting-edge measures in respect of nature.