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Artists at Parco San Marco

Every year, guests are able to admire works of art at the Parco San Marco, as renowned artist are invited to exhibit their masterpieces in the resort's subtropical park.

2017 - joint exhibition of five famous masters of the Italian art scene

In 2017, the Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort is hosting a joint exhibition of five famous masters of the Italian art scene under the guidance of famous art critic Giammarco Puntelli, curator of the exhibition which closed the Rome Jubilee.

Five artists, five careers and five different styles are brought together in an eclectic collection based on heavy metals such as bronze and iron, amorphous materials such as glass and metamorphic rocks such as marble. Giuliano Ottaviani, who has the Italian Order of Merit, is a painter, sculptor and goldsmith. His works have been acquired by museums around the world from Brazil to China. In his sculptures, Amerigo Dorel brings to life a movement that uses spirals which transform into expressive knots with sensual and anatomic allusions. Jucci Ugolotti favours bigger dimensions. She has undertaken restoration projects of monumental sculptural works in copper, bronze and marble. Luigi Aricò loves physical contact with objects that “come apart and go back together again”. He creates his works, images and sculptures using recyclable materials; iron, tree trunks, old motor and machinery parts. Italo Duranti, awarded Artist of the Year 2016 in Rome, is the world leader for sculpture of the Movimento del Nuovo Rinascimento (the new renaissance movement). Iron and wood are his great passions – transforming them into works of art.

Artist description
Giovanni Mason (2016) Giovanni Mason, originally from Veneto, focuses his production on the materials of the great tradition as wood, stone and bronze. His research seeks to simplify forms and takes into consideration the internal relations between figures as well as their interaction with the surrounding space. His master pieces have the purpose to involve the public in his work and empathize with it, thanks to warm and embracing character.
Naturarte (2015) The group originates from the artistic and intellectual alliance between Monica Scalco and Daniel Pozzoli, two Swiss artists working in Malcantone (Ticino). Both artists base their work on a very strong ecological awareness that starts from a deep love of the forest, and takes the form of artistic actions, carried out with complete respect and harmony, to promote the revaluation of all natural and traditional forms of life.
Rosy Maccaronio (2014) Marble craft gives her a sense of spirituality and perfection. About herself she says: “every time my hands touch marble and transform it, I feel growing deep in my heart an immense sensation of unity, enclosed in an instant of ecstasy. During this moments of transformation full of poetry, I perceive an authentic sensation of wholeness. While my hands smooth the marble, I feel its life flowing fully into mine.”
Carlo Baldessari and Raffaelle Morini (2013) With their works, the Italian artists want to convey intense feelings and emotions in a natural purity. The sculptures and light installations of Murano glass are designed with great love and attention to detailand with a sense of the used materials and a great deal of imagination.
Maurizio Perron (2012) The artist, born in Turin, came first into touch with the art of sculpting at the young age of 8 years. In the form of expressive sculptures, he manages to develop individuality in various substances. Inspired by nature and life itself he uses wood, stone, metal, snow and ice and give each material its own personal touch.
Elvino Motti (2011) The famous Italian artist Elvino Motti creates by his talent not only stylish art, but hearouses the interior, "the soul of the material" and forms expressive sculptures of methacrylate. His most famous work, the "Esplosione Cosmica" was on display in 2011 in the lobby of the hotel.
Housi Knecht (2010) The Swiss iron sculptor Housi Knecht displays his water-light-arts all around the world in many public spaces. Many celebrities such as Jack Welch, Udo Jürgens, Adolf Ogi and many other famous characters from business, politics, sports and media are already thrilled by his artistic talent. More information under: www.housi.ch.
Gianfranco Scappatura (2009) For the first time in 2009, Gianfranco Scappatura ("gingo") presented his imaginative ceramics, partly mounted on metal racks, at the Parco San Marco. More info at www.gingo.info.
Hubert Rieber (2008) The wood and metal sculptures of Hubert Rieber resemble monuments. They remind without detours to the human being, his disappearance and ultimately his mortality. More information can be found under www.simon-art.de/html/rieber.htm
Michael Willnauer (2007) His works impress with striking bright colours - mostly oil paint, which gives the objects an unique vitality.
Ottmar Hörl (2006) The sculptor and conceptual artist Ottmar Hörl attracts a lot of attention since the 90s with spectacular art projects. In these he presents industrially produced plastic figures, e. g. rabbits, bears, ravens and garden dwarfs in public spaces. More about his art works, under: www.ottmarhoerl.de.
Bertrand Thomassin (2005) The "Art from the Sea" exhibition of the French artist Bertrand Thomassin was hold for the first time in 2005. There he combined driftwood and metal in amazing ways and decorated them with colour and light. They appeared as ironic and human sculptures which expressed aambiguity and also a sensitive perception.More information are available under: www.bertrandthomassin.com.
Rudolf Tschudin (2005) “Volume of rough metal” was the theme of Swiss artist Rudolf Tschudin in 2005. With rough metal he processed elongated head shapes of absolute creative rigor, balls of crushed or straight welded pipe sticks. More information can be found under www.rudolftschudin.ch.
Thomas Guth (2004) Fascinating wooden sculptures by the Swiss artist Thomas Guth were exhibited in 2004 in park of the hotel. On certain days, interested people , guests of the Parco San Marco, were able to look over the shoulder of the artist and watch him working on his art.
Jürgen Knubben (2003) A sculptor of a quiet and thoughtful manner. Ironic installations, games with the geometry, tangible and conscious simplicity of structural steel. His art was displayed in the hotel park in 2003. More information at www.hermann-hesse.de.
Herman Hesse (2002) In cooperation with the Hermann Hesse foundation in Montagnola, the hotel presented an exhibition and number of versatile events that brought the visitors closer to his life and his thoughts as a poet, writer and painter. For more about Hermann Hesse, see www.hermann-hesse.de.
Roberto Bricalli (2001) The Carrara marble created faces at the entrance to resort or the bronze statue at the entrance to the reception are probably the most impressive sculptures created by the Italian artist. Find out more: www.bricalliroberto.it.