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Stuffed chocolate sponge cake

torta cioccolato v5

​Ingredients for 6 people:  6 egg whites 6 egg yolks 240 grams sugar 2 tablespoons bitter cocoa 60 grams flour Pinch salt butter 1 packet vanilla powder/ 1 teaspoon vanilla essence Method1) Take a large bowl, and separate 6 eggs....

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Birthdays for children on Lake Lugano, at the water’s edge between the province of Como and Ticino

feste compleanno bambini lago lugano

Birthday parties for children on Lake Lugano, entertainment and candles by the lakeside?Has your child already decided what wish they want to make while blowing out the candles? Surely your...

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Get married on Lake Lugano, the seven reasons to say the ‘Yes’ of your life here.

sposarsi lago lugano v2

We are sure that after having lived the most important day of your life with us, you will add many other reasons to celebrate your wedding at Parco San Marco, in...

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Wellness packages in Lombardy? Beauty on the shores of Lake Lugano

pacchetti benessere lombardia lago lugano

Wellness Packages in Lombardy, a region of art, nature and lakes: discover the thousands of options to greet the summer in good shape! After a busy winter, do you feel that...

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Graduation party in Como area – "Cheers" to the new graduate, also gluten free!

festa laurea como provincia

Graduation party in Como and surroundings . . . here we are!   Finally the big day has arrived and you are happy and relaxed in our resort.

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A Hotel with gluten-free restaurant in Lombardy. How to choose one safely.

hotel ristorante senza glutine lombardia

Hotel with gluten-free restaurant in Lombardy, to be recognized by the acronym AIC.

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Getting married on Lake Lugano, yes I want it!

sposarsi lago lugano

Getting married on Lake Lugano: yes, it's very trendy to get married in Italy, especially in romantic places like the Lakes Region.

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Romantic getaway in Lombardy at the water's edge on Lake Lugano

fuga romantica lombardia

Romantic getaway in Lombardy? Would you like to organize a real breakaway holiday for two?   You can leave all the stress of everyday life at home and enjoy magical moments just...

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Parco Val Sanagra – A pleasant walk from Piamuro di Loveno along the Sanagra river

parco val senagra

This is a pleasant walk that takes approximately 45 minutes, quite easy and accessible to everyone, also ideal for those who practise Nordic Walking.

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