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Club Bim Bam Bino


..happy children are like sunshine for our hearts... 
Games, fun, sports, and a lot of action - discover Club Bim Bam Bino, the best gathering place for children between 6 and 12 years old! This year the theme are the Indians - the indigenous inhabitants of North America.
Together we'll do handicrafts, paint, play, do sports, have fun in the playground, go for a day trip in the area with mum and dad, cook with the Chef (who enjoys cooking with our young guests very much!) or play hide-and-seek or treasure hunt in the park of our family Resort in Northern Italy. 
The Club Bim Bam Bino is open 7 days a week (from 12.04.2017- to October 2017) at Parco San Marco, the children & family friendly hotel at Lago di Lugano.

Here you can find an example of our Club Bim Bam Bino program!

Here´s our contribution to biodiversity! As part of the “Beehome Wildbiene+Partner Project”, we have shot this cute little video:


The “Bim Bam Bino” song was written and sung by the famous songwriter Nella Martinetti, who has also wrote “Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi”, the winner song of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988 sung by Celine Dion.

BimBamBino SONG Download